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Penny Dreadful

A penny dreadful (also called penny horrible, penny awful, penny number, and penny blood was a type of British publication in the 19th century that usually featured lurid serial stories appearing in parts over a number of weeks, each part costing one (old) penny. The term, however, soon came to encompass a variety of publications that featured cheap sensational fiction, such as story papers and booklet “libraries”. The penny dreadfuls were printed on cheap pulp paper and were aimed at young working class males. – Wikipedia


That explains what the term Penny Dreadful means but I’m here to talk about Showtime’s TV show by the same name.


Some of literature’s most terrifying characters, including Dr. Frankenstein and Dorian Gray, and iconic figures from the novel Dracula are lurking in the darkest corners of Victorian London. PENNY DREADFUL is a frightening psychological thriller that weaves together these classic horror origin stories into a new adult drama. – From Showtime 


Dorian Gray, Van Helsing, Victor Frankenstein and many more historical characters walk the streets of London. This show is dark and gritty and horrifically wonderful. It has taken Mary Shelly and Bram Stoker’s worlds and blow them apart.

Penny Dreadful has romance, mystery, murder and twists the stories of classics in a wonderful way. You have vampires (not the romantic and cuddly kind) Frankenstein’s monster that reminded me of Phantom of the Opera, a werewolf that had me making, American Werewolf in London, jokes and other characters like Jack the Ripper that I believe is a supernatural creature that we may have already met but it still hasn’t been explained.

My husband watched Penny Dreadful with me and he said “cool it’s like a supernatural Dr. Who.”

It reminded me of such book series as Kristen Callihan’s Darkest London series and Bec McMaster’s London Steampunk series but bloodier.

If you like historical paranormal books but wish they were a little darker and graphic (sex and blood) you should check out Showtimes’ Penny Dreadful. There are only 8 episodes in season 1 and they are 60 minutes long. We easily watched the whole season in one weekend.  I don’t know if I can wait for season 2 to be released on DVD so I can check it out from the library like I did season 1. I might have to return to cable just to watch season 2 of Penny Dreadful in May.


Check out the trailer for season 1



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