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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Guest Post and Excerpt|Trust Me by Anna WellsTrust Me by Anna Wells
Published by Anna Wells Publishing on May 24, 2013
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Lawyer Alaina Simmons never imagined that she would be defending her deceased father against accusations of terrorism when she agreed to protect his legacy, a group of documents he’d placed in an archival repository. FBI Lawyer Donovan Prentice insists that her father and the organization he worked for were terrorists and that crucial evidence is in the documents Alaina has sworn to protect. Now she is forced to combat the FBI and her compelling attraction to Donovan Prentice while unaware that she is also Donovan’s suspect. Special Agent Donovan Prentice is working undercover posing as a lawyer in an attempt to gain access to the evidence he needs to convict a group of terrorists as well as determine if Alaina Simmons is working with them. Things become complicated as Donovan becomes more intent on getting his suspect in bed than putting her in jail. When the bullets start to fly and the lies begin to unravel Alaina and Donovan begin to explore their intensely sexual relationship, but the couple will have to learn to trust each other both in and out of bed before the terrorists’ game of intrigue can end. Warning: This book contains steamy sex scenes and amusing banter.

Look for my review in September!

The Importance of the Book Blurb

You’ve decided to self-publish your first book.  You’ve written a fabulous book and you are promoting of your website, your blog, your Facebook page, your Twitter account and no one’s buying.  You’ve sent review requests to numerous blogs and no one is reviewing it.  What are you doing wrong?

My guess is that your book blurb is not “hooking” potential readers and reviewer.   The cover is the first lure, but the reader is going to make the decision to buy the book based on the blurb you’ve written.  The blurb is the description you find on the back of your book or on your e-reader when you click on your “more” button.

I review books for a Romance book blog and as a reviewer I scan through hundreds of books that have been submitted for a review on the blog.  What have I observed over and over?  Poorly written blurbs and really if you can’t write a blurb you are giving the impression you can’t write a book.  The writers haven’t taken the time to convey their story in a manner that makes me want to read more.

In two paragraphs your blurb should convey your genre, a description of the hero and heroine, the conflict, they face, the setting and the tone of the book.  Is your romance erotic or sweet or somewhere in between?  Is your book funny or full of angst?   Readers don’t like surprises and they want to know what their getting when they purchase your book.  Nothing angers a reader more than expecting one thing and getting another.  Don’t make that mistake because angry readers lead to bad reviews.

So you’ve written a bad blurb.  What do you do next?  The good news is that in the e-publishing world anything can be fixed.  Re-write your blurb and this time do it following the guidelines I’ve outlined above.

For me details and examples check out this link on writing a blurb,   Marilynn Byerly does a great job of providing specific examples of blurb writing.  I also love this article by Sharla Rae

Looking for more examples? Simply go to Amazon and look up your favorite authors and you’ll find as many examples as you want.  The blurb is your opportunity makes it work for you.



As she entered the lobby, Alaina felt prepared, confident and ready to do battle against almost anyone.  Except she hadn’t planned on doing battle with Mr. Drugstore, and that was exactly who was rising from the black leather couch to greet her saying, “Ms. Simmons, I’m Donovan Prentice, it appears we’ve met before.”

She felt the bottom drop out of her stomach. Alaina was sure that her shock must be apparent; normally she prided herself on her self-control but today’s events seemed to be working against her.  After all she had never experienced such a coincidence like this one before.   She had met this man as a stranger and had flirted with him, completely unaware that she had an appointment with him later that day. She felt that their entire professional relationship had been compromised.  As disconcerted as she felt, she was going to have to pretend that nothing had happened, and actually if she thought about it nothing really had happened.  Their flirtation had been a little unusual but it hadn’t gone beyond that.  It was just that she never let business associates or clients see anything but the professional side of her personality, she had ensured this by making it a habit not to discuss her personal life with any of them. By meeting this man outside of the office, outside of her professional setting, she almost felt as if he had caught her undressed.  Her only option now was to ignore the incident as if it had never happened and maintain her normal professional composure.  Okay so maybe ignoring it was just going to make her look like a coward.  She needed to face this situation head on.

Making up her mind to take control and not let Donovan get the upper hand since he didn’t seem the least surprised to see her, she responded to his greeting with, “Yes, what a coincidence.  It’s nice to meet you, formally that is.”

She looked over at Marlene, who was indiscreetly staring at Donovan Prentice as if she had never seen a man before, not that Alaina could blame her.  The man was impressive to say the least. “Marlene could you hold my calls?”

Marlene barely glanced her way as she continued to stare at the object of her attention but finally managed to respond, “Yes of course Ms. Simmons.”

Alaina glanced at her wryly.  “Thanks, Marlene.”  She returned her attention to Mr. Prentice who was waiting patiently. “If you’ll just follow me we can discuss the issue of the subpoena in my office.”  She was determined to regain her equilibrium, but as she walked down the corridor with Donovan closely following behind her, she wondered if that was even a remote possibility. “Right this way Mr. Prentice.”

“Please call me Donovan. Is it all right if I call you Alaina?”

He’s taking control again, Alaina simmered inwardly, but she responded without hesitation, “Please do.”

“I’m so glad I’ve a name to put to that beautiful face.”

She felt a thrill at his words as they entered the office. Alaina could not help but be aware of his overwhelming presence. She was feeling that same level of inexplicable excitement she had felt in the drugstore.  Ignoring her jumbled emotions she tried to concentrate on the matter at hand.  It was becoming pretty obvious that she needed to get laid if this guy made it so hard for her to concentrate.  She might as well meet the problem head on.

She took a deep breath before saying, “Donovan. I’m just going to face the elephant in the room. When we met this morning I obviously had no idea who you were and if I had I wouldn’t have spoken to you the way that I did.  Okay?”

Donovan was a little surprised but managed to hold back a laugh. “And what way was that?”  His voice held that same sensual tone that it had in the drugstore.

Okay, so wow, his voice really turned her on.  She felt slightly embarrassed, but what the hell he had flirted too. “Well, I was a bit flirtatious.”

He raised a brow and grinned. “A bit?”

“Cut me some slack, you were just as bad.  Admit it.”  Could that knowing grin of his get any bigger?  She wasn’t sure why, but he was charming the hell out of her.

“As an officer of the court, I’m taking the fifth,” he said jokingly before adding, “I think this is a conversation we should pursue further once we’ve completed our business.”  He paused a brief moment and looked at her intently.   “And I would like to pursue it.”

The low timber of his voice caused her skin to tingle, and she felt her face flush in reaction.  The idea certainly had merits she thought as she studied the hard plains of his face.  God he was hot and he was making her hotter.  She exhaled trying to calm herself before saying, “Do you think we can do that?  Wouldn’t it be a conflict?”

He gave her a slight smile and there seemed to be a sparkle in those blue eyes as he said, “Yeah I think we can do that, but we have business to settle first.”

She nodded in agreement, hoping the meeting went smoothly and they could get back to the more interesting conversation.  Wasn’t that a professional thought?



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