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What’s Better…
A Sexy Vampire or A Kick Ass Vampire?
A kick Ass Vampire of Course!


I feel like I should apologize to Julie before starting this post because there is not way that she’s going to win this one. Who will prefer to have a sex toy vampire than a super kick ass protector vampire? Nobody, that’s who.

To prove my point here are my reasons Why A Kick Ass Vampire is better than a sex toy vampire.

First and foremost we all know that a vampire on your side can save your life, a vampire on top of you can end your life. We all know that when a vampire is on top of you, you usually end up being the dinner. When a vampire is kicking ass he will have an open buffet of baddies and you will be out of the menu. So what do you prefer? A vampire kicking ass with you? Or a vampire making a snack of you? I think that’s a no-brainer.

We also know that a vampire is very difficult to kill; this is great when you are in trouble. If you have a vampire by your side you know you can trust him to kicking ass for hours without getting tired, you can even take a break and he will protect you while you catch your breath.


Another advantage is that a vampire is cold blooded; there won’t be a problem if the fights are in difficult weather conditions, because he doesn’t feel cold or hot. Being cold blooded also makes them “uncomfortable” to have sex with… Who would want to have sex with a Popsicle? Nobody, that’s who. (Sorry Julie). And talking about sex if you are having sex with a vampire you will never know if he has compelled you to do it or you are doing it because you really wanted it; but if I vampire is kicking ass next to you it’s pretty obvious that you are important to him, he’s there for you and because of you and not because of your magic vajayjay.

And last but not least since your are not having sex with a vampire you won’t have to worry about getting pregnant and experiencing a Bella Swan labor and bloody birth.

Julie, be ready, my vampire is going to kick your sexy vampire’s ass.

Kick Ass Vampire for the Win!!


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  1. You both have excellent arguments on why vamps are getting at Stomp-ing and Romp-ing but I’m going to have to side with Julie on this one… Sorry Marcela! 😉