Stomp Vs Romp: Results and Winners

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This year’s Stomp vs Romp was even better than last year’s throw down.  It was fun adding bloggers into the mix this year. Both authors and bloggers did TEAM STOMP proud. I’d like to thank everyone who participated and made the event so much fun! There was some returning authors and new ones and even a few that we made switch sides this time around. (Got to keep those authors on their toes. LOL) I hope everyone had fun reading the posts from both TEAM STOMP and TEAM ROMP and that you’ll join Rabid Reads and I in 2014 for our third year of Stomp vs Romp!  Since Carmel whined so much about leading ROMP I’m going to take mercy on her and let her have STOMP back next year. I’ll have to think of a new way to torture her in 2014. (Rubs hands together while laughing evilly.)

Ok like the post title says here it the results of the voting poll.



As you can see it was pretty much a tie again this year. No matter how much we push for STOMP or ROMP you guys like both ass kicking and ass…. well sweaty times all around. And many of you like them together (I know I do).


Now to the important part…. the winners. (All winners have been emailed)


Claimed  Winner Prize
         Marcela       2 Credits (from
   Aimee   6 Month Membership (from
            Rachel   Sandman Slim (paperback from The Book Nympho)
        √    Vivien   Terminated (paperback from Rachel Caine)
          Amber    A Blood Seduction (paperback from Pamela Palmer)
           Susan   Candy and Pamela Palmer bookmarks (from The Book Nympho)       
           Margaret   Arcadia Series (from Jenn Bennett)
         Tara   Heart of Venom (from Jennifer Estep)
            Barbara    Midnight Frost (from Jennifer Estep
   Maria   Elemental Assassin bookmarks
        √    Victoria   Mythos Academy bookmarks
            Susan   Eye of the Tempest & Tempest’s Fury (from The Book Nympho)  
            Jen   Books/eBooks (from The Book Nympho)
            Heather   Books/eBooks (from The Book Nympho)

 Make sure you check out Carmel’s TEAM ROMP WINNERS.


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One response to “Stomp Vs Romp: Results and Winners

  1. twimom227

    WOO HOO! I totally side with Team Stomp… but let’s face it – Stomping and Romping both make a book great! Thanks for all of the fun!