What the Feck (WTF): Book Signings

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What the Feck (WTF): Book SigningsGenres: Contemporary Romance
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Book Signings:

How are they changing in the age of ebooks?  


I’ve attended two book signings this year, one in May at RT Book Convention and one last month at Authors After Dark (AAD). And I’ve notice that more and more people are taking their ereader cases (me included) to signings instead of physical books. This got me to thinking how ebooks are affecting book signings.

I asked a few authors that was at the AAD signing to give their two cents on the subject and this is what they had to say:


In my case, because I’m a happy ePubb’er, I find that most of my paperbacks sold at book signings are treated as collectors objects. Meaning my fan has almost always read the story before, it’s one of their favorites, and they want a physical copy of that story to cuddle and squeeze and call George. However, I do get a great deal of ‘new to you’ readers at conventions who will buy the book just because they saw me on the panel, drank with me at the bar, were in the bathroom stall next to mine, etc. Ann Mayburn


Because I was blessed by the cover faeries, I’ve had many readers tell me that despite liking to read ebooks better, they still wanted to own a copy of my books in paper so they could have a print version of the cover. – Kristen Painter


I agree. Great covers have made me buy a book that I already had in ebook or audio format just to keep it on my shelf. I try not to re-buy the same books but I’m a sucker for pretty artwork.


I’ve been told that print runs for most books are steadily declining because of an increase in ebook sales. I did notice this firsthand with the Shaede Assassin books. But, at the AAD signing, there were readers who owned ebooks in the series who bought at least one print book for their collection. For those not purchasing, I was more than happy to sign Kindle or iPad covers, t-shirts, or con programs for readers who didn’t buy a book at the signing. I’m just as grateful for every ebook purchase as I am paper back purchase. The signing for me was just as much about talking and interacting with people as it was about the books. So much fun! – Amanda Bonilla  


I do get asked to sign a lot of ereader covers, which I think is really cool. I know that a lot of readers like ebooks because they can get a book the second that it is released and immediately start reading it.

But I also still get asked to sign a lot of paper books too. I’ve heard several folks say that they like ereaders because they can take hundreds of books anywhere they go, but that if there is a series or author they really like, that they still buy the paper books too to put on their keeper shelf.

One thing that I also think is interesting is that I’m getting more and more comments online from folks about audio books. That seems to be another format that is gaining in popularity. – Jennifer Estep


Aah, yes audio books. Since I buy the downloads I don’t have anything for authors to sign. If I bought the CDs I would so carry those to signings. LOL So instead I’ve an authors (Estep included) sign my Nook cover. I’m also in the process of getting of the Elemental Assassin books in paperback (and signed). I use to think people that did that was crazy but I don’t mind buying a book twice to support my favorite authors.


What do you guys take to book signs?

Is getting an author’s signature the big draw for you at book signings or is it just getting to meet and chat with the authors?


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6 responses to “What the Feck (WTF): Book Signings

  1. To book signings I go to are one of my favorite authors usually and for me if they’re a favorite and I really like the book or series I always buy the kindle edition and the print copy. I used to just go for the print copy but now I’m so use to reading on my kindle that it feels weird, but I still love to have a print copy of the book on my shelfs. So I’m one of those who will buy both. So I’ll get my book signed =)

  2. I’ve done a couple different things. One is the same as TwiMom above – I have scrapbook pages with the event & date that I have the author signed. I’ve also done a poster/canvas board (http://tinyurl.com/AADSav2013) so I could frame it afterwards and actually have something to be seen instead of hidden on a bookshelf. If I do that, I usually do 2 so I can give one away later.

    It also depends on how much effort I want to do to. I went to Lori Foster RAGT earlier this year and focused more on interacting with my favorite authors than making sure I got everyone’s signatures.

    I mainly like going to the signings to show support for the authors. Especially at non-event signings because a lot of time those are all about sales, so I always make sure to purchase a print copy there.

    If I have a print copy or it’s one of my fave authors, I will also purchase or bring a print copy for them to sign.

  3. I have been taking my ereader for years! Though lately I have taken a few of my CD cases of Audiobooks that I have to get signed. Paperbooks are fantastic but hard to carry to conferences (and back). I usually reserve that spot for authors that I may never ever meet again.

  4. Signatures are a nice added bonus for me but the main reason why I go to book signings is to meet the authors themselves. I feel like I need an “excuse” to talk to them though, so having something for them to sign is a great ice breaker. If I own all of their novels as eBooks, I’ll often get them to sign some swag instead unless they are selling copies at the signing.

  5. Jen, you and I talked about this a little at AADSAV. I like to get signatures from my favorite authors but it’s not a MAJOR thing to me. Sometimes I buy keeper copies for my bookshelf even though I already read them, or head them, but most times I will have them sign a book plate or just take a pic with them. I’m more excited about the interaction and chatting with the authors.

  6. twimom227

    I actually have an “autograph book” that I was taking to all of the signings. I would take one page to list what event, date, location and then have people sign on subsequent pages. Some authors just signed their names, while others a nice message. If I have the paperback books, I bring those for signature, similar to what Ann Mayburn said, I treat those like “George.” I also have had books and swag signed for blog giveaways.