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What the Feck (WTF): PinterestGenres: Contemporary Romance
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Book Covers too Sexy for Pinterest?!

A while back I got a noticed from Pinterest that my YUMMY MEN board was not safe for public viewing (I’m paraphrasing here). Ok so my Yummy Men board with half naked dudes was removed. I understand that. Some tweens or grandmothers might get scandalized by them. No problem. That’s what Tumblr is for. LOL

But when I was catching up on pinning my latest reviews to my account I had another notice that I had pins that needed to be taken down for the previous reason. The only thing I had left on my account was book reviews and book con pictures. So I thought ok I’ll deleted my erotica reviews. Those were the only sexy pics I had and they were BOOK COVERS. Covers that Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads and other PUBLIC sites have up for the GENERAL PUBLIC to view when purchasing books.

Then I thought screw it. I’ll just deactivate my Pinterest account and not deal with the headache of what’s too sexy for a book cover. I didn’t really use my account that much anyway. I only opened the account to see what it was all about and have another way for peeps to follow the blog reviews.

After stepping back from writing this post I’ve activated my account so you guys can look around and be the judge.

Are you scandalized by the book covers?






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19 responses to “What the Feck (WTF): Pinterest

  1. Quite a few months ago I was notified by Pinterest that they removed two pins due to nudity. There was indeed nudity, although you had to look hard at the FULL sized images. They were on my Fifty Shades Board, and because they weren’t PERFECT representations I let it go. No biggie. However, if they are censuring book covers, like you brought attention to, that IS a big deal. I’d rather read than Pin, and am not wholly pleased by many of their infrastructure updates anyway. I can’t help but think of ALL the time some Pinners have devoted to boards which are now being un-PINNED by Pinterest. 🙁

  2. I haven’t had any problems with Pinterest… yet. Then again, I don’t have a man-candy board. LOL I do post some racy covers from time-to-time though. I will just wait and see I guess.

  3. I don’t actually use Pinterest for anything book related and very seldom am out there. However, heck no book covers aren’t to racy. Wasn’t blogger shutting down people’s blogs for similar reasons. I think if it can be in a book store or Walmart it shouldn’t need a disclaimer.

  4. I haven’t gotten into interest- it felt like one thing too much for me to handle and doesn’t seem to be near as important for blogs as twitter or Goodreads, so I passed for now. Seeing your page and that you got notices makes me think it’s not worth the hassle! There’s nothing on there that needs to be censored!

  5. Cat

    I received a violation once for re-pinning a cleavage shot. I thought there had to be nudity for it to be a violation, but apparently not. I just think it’s funny that people take the time to report the images.

  6. Margaret

    Here’s my slightly unrelated Pinterest What the Feck story:

    I have a book board too. Some guy repinned Vengeance Borne to his board “I’d Tap That” with the link to my review. I checked it out and it’s pictures of girls in camo bikinis holding guns.

    First of all, I don’t get why because the girl on the cover really isn’t showing any skin. Second, I don’t get why he didn’t change the description. I really don’t want my review connected to this guy, but mostly I just think WTF.

    Surely if there are smut police on Pinterest, this guy’s getting that same email soon.

  7. I use Pinterest quite a bit and haven’t noticed scadalous pins such as steamy book covers but that’s dues to the fact that I’m usually looking up craft ideas or cookie recipes. If so many Grandma’s and uptight folks are on Pinterest that they would report someones page for inappropriate images because they saw a sexy book cover, then I don’t know if I want to keep actively using that site. Next time I’m on I will have to see what’s so “offensive” about your board. But you make a really good point about the other websites that post those same book covers.

    • Honesty. It’s not worth the time. And after looking at my status I’m not getting many (if any) hits to the blog from that account. So I’m sure I’ll just delete it or not bother updating it.

    • Jackie (Literary Escapism)

      It really depends on how you want to use it too. If you’re always wanting to show off the latest covers, than it’s an easy way to do it. But as a blogger, yeah I don’t do much with it. I’ll post whatever cheap eReads I find to it, but that’s it.

      I use it more for recipes and things for the kids. It’s addicting when you spend time on it, but otherwise it tends to be ignored.

  8. Margaret

    Wonder if your name is drawing attention from censor-happy grandmas. I know other people have man candy boards. Might be interesting to try changing your profile name and see if you’re still offensive.

      • Jackie (Literary Escapism)

        I was going to say the same thing. Maybe people aren’t even getting to your boards and are basing it solely on your name. Because, you know, no one ever judges a book/person/anything by it’s cover. *grin*