Review: The Way Home by Cindy Gerard

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Review: The Way Home by Cindy GerardThe Way Home by Cindy Gerard
Series: One-Eyed Jacks #2
Published by Gallery Books on October 29, 2013
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Format: eARC

Rated: A+

Four years ago Jess Albert got the news that her husband Jeff was killed in action in Afghanistan, and a painful void entered her life. The more time passed, the more acutely she felt that emptiness. But when Tyler Brown, former military hero and all-around alpha male, shows up a year after she’d last seen him, Jess gradually begins to realize there is one thing that can make her feel whole again—love.

As they’re planning their wedding and new life together, Jess receives shocking news: her husband is alive, under the care of a young Afghani woman hiding him from the Taliban. Even as he sees their happily-ever-after slip away, Ty arranges for the One Eyed Jacks and Black Ops, Inc. teams to make a daring and dangerous rescue mission to bring Jeff home. The hardest thing Ty or Jess has ever done is to let the other go.

When Jeff returns to Jess, broken physically and emotionally and with no memory of their history, they try to heal their marriage and each other. But as time brings them together more as friends than lovers, an unexpected development helps them see the true way home, to the people they love.(




The set up
It’s been over three years since Jess Albert was widowed when her husband J. R. was killed in action in Afghanistan. While she’s moved on with her life, she hasn’t done so romantically until Ty Brown suddenly showed up on her doorstep again. She hasn’t seen him in the eighteen months since she helped him and his brother one night by supplying them with emergency weapons to take down a master criminal. He promised to come back and see her but never contacted her again. He’s there on a leap of faith that there may be something for the two of them to explore.

The issues
Meanwhile, as Jess and Ty move forward and deepen their relationship, a young Afghan woman, Rabia, finds an American soldier along the roadside who is severely injured. She spends the next months nursing him back to health as he also struggles to remember who he is and his past. It is extremely dangerous for Rabia and her family as they can be executed by the Taliban for harboring and aiding an American.

What makes this story work REALLY well
The two situations unfold and are presented in parallel to each other. As Jess finally finds happiness after all this time, her husband is fighting to regain his health and memory and figure out a way home with Rabia’s help. It is tragic and at the same time lovely to see them gather strength and deepen these relationships, knowing the heartaches destined ahead. Jess is an incredible woman, self sufficient and independent. Rabia has the same qualities and is even more courageous by being so in the midst of a war and the Taliban who consider women chattel. You want to root for all of them but a happy ending for all seems futile.

There’s a level of tension underlying the story, both romantic and dangerous as discovery by the Taliban is a constant threat and J. R.’s inevitable extraction will be problematic considering he’s assumed dead by the Americans and still hunted by the Taliban. I had so many mixed emotions from start to end and I didn’t want to ever walk away from the story.

What was missing
Absolutely nothing.

The bottom line
Loved the story, the characters and the writing. It’s all here…love, pain, tragedy, honor, conflict, courage, humor…and perfectly woven into an extraordinary tale. There are no wasted words or imagery and I easily transitioned from the Afghan village to the Minnesota lakeside at will. I felt like I was witnessing the covert extraction operation, plugged into the action and communications. This is an exciting series and a must read.



About Cindy Gerard

Cindy Gerard began writing category romance novels with Bantam’s Loveswept line and Silhouette Desire before trying her hand at writing single title romantic suspense action novels. Gerard’s risk took off with her hugely successful series, The Bodyguards, about the men and women of E.D.E.N Securities, Inc.

Her other series, Black Ops Inc., has been on the New York Times Best Seller list multiple times. The fifth book in the series, Risk No Secrets, won the Readers Crown award for Best Romantic Suspense in 2011. Gerard’s latest in the Black Ops Inc. series, Last Man Standing, was released in January 2012 and hit #14 on the New York Times Best Seller List, #11 on Publisher’s Weekly, and #36 on USA Today. She is a passionate animal-rights advocate and loves to travel.

Cindy Gerard has won the 2003 RITA Award for Best Romantic Suspense novel for Taming the Outlaw. She is the author of the bestselling Black Ops. Inc, series, the bestselling Bodyguards series, and more than thirty contemporary romance novels. She lives in the Midwest with her husband.

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