The Twenties are Still Roaring! Grim Shadows by Jenn Bennett

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Twenties are Still Roaring! Grim Shadows by Jenn BennettGrim Shadows by Jenn Bennett
Series: Roaring Twenties #2
Narrator: Amy Landon
Published by Tantor Audio on June 3rd 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: Audiobook
Length: 10 hrs and 55 mins
Source: Publisher
Audio | Goodreads

It’s the Roaring Twenties in foggy San Francisco. Prohibition is on, inhibitions are low, and dark magic is rolling into town… Archaeologist Lowe Magnusson is packing something everyone wants. The djed amulet, a priceless Egyptian artifact, will fetch Lowe a hefty paycheck from one of San Francisco’s wealthiest. But when the handsome Swede runs into his patron’s uptight daughter, what he once considered easy money becomes maddeningly complicated… Cursed with deadly spirits as her constant companions, curator Hadley Bacall must keep calm to hold her dangerous specters at bay and prevent them from lashing out at anything—or anyone. Trouble is, Lowe is driving her crazy, but her father needs the artifact he’s transporting. While Hadley can feel the amulet’s power, she can’t fathom the destruction—or the desire—it’s about to stir up.

While I LOVED Bitter Spirits from chapter one, Grim Shadows took me a little longer to love it. Jenna Bennett’s writing was just as great but it took me longer to warm up to Lowe and Hadley. I’m not 100% sure why but there was something missing in the beginning that was getting in my way. Maybe my undying lust for the older Magnusson brother, Winter was getting in my way of falling for his younger brother Lowe. But about 1/4 into the book I was starting to like them as  a couple.

Grim Shadows is much like The Mummy meets Indiana Jones in the middle of San Francisco. A sexy and dangerous adventure with just enough paranormal through in. You have an Egyptian curse, treasure hunting Archaeologist that’s also a bit of a con man and a socially awkward woman trying to climb the ladder at the museum she works at with her father. Oh and did I tell ya that the bad guy is unable to die and has magic to call on a fire giant, a griffin and can suck the life out of people? 

Grim Shadows had the right amount of action, mystery and romance rolled up into one hellva follow-up to Bitters Spirits.  And the ending had me sniffling. I’m afraid to see what Bennett could do to me if she decided to write a real tear jerker.

With a bit of a rocky start, Lowe and Hadley won me over by the end of Grim Shadows and Jenn Bennett is firmly on my auto read listen. And after getting two Roaring Twenties books this year, it’s going to be hard to wait a year for book 3, Grave Phantoms. But I have Bennett’s Urban Fantasy series to look forward to in the mean time.

I’m stilling enjoying Amy Landon’s narration work on the series however since I’m not fond of Landon’s voice for Bo and with him being the hero of Grave Phantoms I will be switching from audio to print for the next installment.



About Amy Landon

Amy Landon is a classically trained actress with numerous off-Broadway, film, and television credits. Her voice can also be heard on many television and radio commercials. She has an easy facility with dialects, which she also coaches and teaches, and she is happy to find her lifelong obsession with books is matching up with her acting and vocal work.

About Jenn Bennett

Jenn Bennett is author of the Arcadia Bell urban fantasy series from Pocket Books and the upcoming Roaring Twenties paranormal romance series from Berkley. Born in Germany, she has a B.F.A. in Painting from Troy University. She’s lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe, the U.S., and the Far East, and currently lives near Atlanta with one husband and two very bad pugs. Get weekly Facebook updates from Jenn by liking her fan page, or follow her on Twitter for daily dribbles about her current writing projects, the book industry, and miscellaneous obsessions.

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7 responses to “The Twenties are Still Roaring! Grim Shadows by Jenn Bennett

  1. Jenn Bennett can do no wrong! Anything she writes, I will read. Lowe wasn’t my fav Magnusson, but he did win me over in the end too. I wish I could patiently wait for these in audio… Haha Yeah RIGHT!

    • If I wasn’t getting the audios for free from the publisher I would read the series. I enjoy the narration enough but I don’t know that I would spend a credit on the audio book. LOL

  2. I actually own Bitter Spirits – bought it when it first came out because I HAD to read it… and then I didn’t. It’s on my list for the summer and hopefully I’ll get to this one too. I can see why loving another character could make getting into their brother a bit tough 🙂 I kind of love tear jerkers, so the fact this made you tear up definitely has me excited to read it!

  3. Marcia Berbeza

    I haven’t started this series yet, but it’s always disappointing to hear that you wouldn’t mind READING the next book, but the narrator just isn’t cutting it. More and more, I’m finding these voice actors are crucial in selling their stories.

    • Amy Landon did a fine job with books 1 & 2 but since I don’t like her voice for Bo and he is one of the main characters for book 3 I will read it for that reason. I may return to the series on audio after that.

  4. I’m willing to try Bitter spirits to see if I’ll have to fight with you for Winter’s undying love 🙂 Thanks for sharing !