What the Feck (WTF): Audio Apps. What’s out there and how to use them.

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Audiobook Apps.

An audiobook junkie’s best friend.

Here are the apps I use. These are all iPhone apps and may look different on Android phones.


Audible’s app is my favorite to use because it’s very user friendly. Your downloaded (on Device) library is easy to navigate. Controls are easy to find and use. You can choose your narration speed.













You can even get social with your Audible app. It’s easy to share what you’re listening to on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.






Audiobooks.com app have many of the same functions as Audible.com’s app. The look is a little different but still easy to use. You get both speed change and social sharing and fast download. The only negative I can find with Audiobooks.com is that you can’t download your audiobooks to your computer. You can stream them using your computer of the phone app. I download all my audios to my computer so that I can side load them to my ipod touch so that I can lend the device to my friend so she can listen to my audios. So any that I’ve purchased through Audiobooks.com I can’t share with her. It’s not that big of a deal but since we swap books it would be nice to share these with her as well.




Downpour.com app is another user friendly audio app. It has the key elements that Audible.com and Audiobooks.com have. The only negative thing I can say is that the download process is a little slower because the app breaks the audio down into tracks and it downloads each track so the process can be a little long. But once you have your audio downloaded the app works like a champ.



Tantor’s app is not very user friend. I’ve often gotten the “blue screen” and my audios will not continue to download. When I do manage to get my audio to download the controls are a little temperamental. I would rather download my audios and then transfer to my phone via iTunes.

I don’t let Tantor’s app keep me from purchasing audios from them. After all they have amazing sales and offer tons of great titles.

What audio apps do you use?

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18 responses to “What the Feck (WTF): Audio Apps. What’s out there and how to use them.

  1. I haven’t dived into audio books yet but these apps look great-I’ll have to check them out and maybe finally take the audio book plunge.

    Just found your blog and I’m now a new follower through bloglovin 🙂

  2. So I have a windows phone and not only does it not have apps for audiobooks.com, Downpour, or Tantor – it’s audible app is no where near as cool as yours. As far as I know I can’t do any social media from mine… I’m going to have to double check that. I love my window’s phone (I’m a windows girl – tablet, desktop, and phone) but every now and again I get app envy… like RIGHT NOW. Great post!

  3. I’m glad to report that even though I’m a newbie I have most of those apps with the exception of Audiobooks.com. I usually use my Audible app, that’s where most of my audios are from, but recently downloaded the Overdrive app to borrow audiobooks from the library. It’s so convenient for me to have them on my iPhone and just like you Jennifer I have them all in one folder for easy access! 🙂

  4. YvonneJ

    I mostly borrow from the library and use their Overdrive Media App on an iPod Touch. It’s pretty user friendly. The newest version allows for playback speed adjustments, social media, bookmarks. My husband is retired from the Navy so we get to use their digital library services and their Overdrive library is pretty extensive.

    • I use my library for audios when I can. But since a large amount of them is not Apple friendly I have to download them to my Dell desktop and then transfer them to my iPhone so I don’t get much use out of the Overdrive app at this time.

  5. Marcia Berbeza

    I use Audible and just love it. Although I must confess that I have never yet loaded the app on my cell phone. I listen via my kindles. I started with my kindle keyboard and it’s even easier on my kindle fire. I too love being able to download them to my computer.

  6. I didn’t know about Tantor application. I have only use Audible and Audiobooks and I’m pretty happy with them.
    I’ll check Downpour.com to see how it is.
    Thanks for the info.

  7. I mainly use the Audible app which I love, but I also use the Overdrive app for audiobooks too. I didn’t know about the other apps, so thanks for highlighting them today!

  8. I use Audipo. It’s pretty user friendly and allows me to adjust the speed, which is a big deal for me, up to double the normal speed. Depending on the narrator, I listen to my books between 1.50 and 1.80. I love it! 🙂

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    Agreed. I had no clue that Tantor had an app. I will definitely have to check that one out. Hopefully it will work. 😛 Great post.

  10. Thanks for the info Jen. You know me, I’m still a baby where audio books are concerned but enjoy learning about the different apps available.
    I currently use Audible.com. No others but I might check out some of the others