What the Feck (WTF): How has audiobook listening changed your lifestyle?

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How has audiobook listening changed your lifestyle?


As June is for audiobooks, WTF will address topics related to that subject for the rest of the month.


Years ago, I only listened to audiobooks for long distance road trips when I traveled solo. It was quite often as my husband and I lived in different cities, five hours driving time apart. For about two years I was on the road once a month and audiobooks were my salvation.



That was before the introduction of iPods, iPads and MP3 players. Most of the books were on cassette tapes and, later, CDs. It was pretty inconvenient to listen anywhere else but my car.


Technology not only changed the many ways of accessing audiobooks but it opened up the listening opportunities. When my state created a digital library, audiobook downloads to my iPad opened things up a bit as I could listen to books anywhere.


Many of you who know me have probably heard me rave since Christmas about the fab wireless headphones my husband gifted to me. My annoyance with some household chores was because of my inability to hear my audiobooks over the noise. Now I can wear my headphones while vacuuming and hear my books clearly.


How’s my lifestyle transformed? I now ENJOY cooking, which I rarely did before. My husband used to do most of the cooking and we’ve switched roles. I also love cleaning the kitchen every morning while preparing my coffee and breakfast. And, I’m no longer disturbing my husband while he’s watching TV. (I suspect that’s why he really got me those headphones.


I also look forward to other household chores. They bored me in the past but now I seem to finish things in record time. Road trips are still enjoyable because my audiobooks transport me away from the tedium of the drive. The difference is I no longer have to worry about cumbersome tapes or discs AND I never have to worry about finishing the books before the trip is over. Thanks to the iPad, I always have many others downloaded and queued.


Just as eReaders took away my loathing for waiting in lines, audiobooks have made me eager to tackle household chores. No one is happier about my attitude change around cooking than my hubbie. Who knew?


Have audiobooks created any changes in your lifestyle?
What are you doing differently AND enjoying now?

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27 responses to “What the Feck (WTF): How has audiobook listening changed your lifestyle?

  1. I don’t listen to audiobooks often just because I feel like you miss out on a lot, but I do listen to them every so often and they do make my drive to school and home a lot more enjoyable. I just need a portable device to read them too me because the cd’s are getting cumbersome.

  2. I totally agree – audiobooks have really changed everything I do. I enjoy taking public transportation in a way I used to hate it because I just listen to an audiobook. I could carry a book, but this way I’m not carrying anything extra and I can listen without having to put a book away and take it out again. And I don’t have to worry about forgetting a book. I also enjoy cleaning more – though I wouldn’t mind that bluetooth headset your hubby got you! And the most recent change – I love taking long walks (and even running). I listen to an audiobook while I work out and the time passes so quickly! They’re so good for me!

  3. Istanbul has one of the worst traffics in the world. I used to be the road rage queen, now thanks to audiobooks I’m more calmer and enjoy driving. I also enjoy cleaning my house, if the audiobook is good, I usually end up cleaning or organizing things I wasn’t planning to do. 🙂

  4. Okay, you’ve sold me. I hate cooking and cleaning. I’m going to try listening to an audio book while I do my chores. If it works, my boyfriend won’t know what to think. Thanks for the great idea.

    • Lol! If I can be converted to liking cooking, it’s got to be because of audiobooks, at least that’s what friends and family are saying. Come back and let us know if it worked for you.

  5. Hell, I don’t listen to music anymore. LOL. Barely anymore, usually only when someone else is in the car with me. I am the same way now, I love cooking and cleaning (on the weekends) and listening to my audios. I also listen while *coughs* clipping my coupons. LOL.

  6. Audiobooks are new to me (this year) But I have enjoyed each one! I need to get new head phones so I CAN hear over all the noise I make while cleaning. However, instead of killing my eyes by reading my on my kindle in the sun, I listed to my audios. Oh, and I don’t mind getting stuck in traffic anymore 😀

    • See the links in my response above for two headphone products, one at each of the price scales.

      You know, I hadn’t even thought about listening to my books on the beach!! That’s a great idea.

  7. I have to drive about 40ish minutes one way to see my boyfriend every weekend so I can listen to a little over an hour of a book on the drive there and back on weekends. I know it isn’t much but it keeps me connected with books. Plus said boyfriend and I do take a 6ish hour drive to either California or Nevada usually twice a year so I can listen to books while he sleeps. 🙂

  8. Audiobooks changed me so much (and if you ask my fiance, its not all for the better…apparently I space out and have an extreme inability to do nothing, so I start rearranging things like coasters, and magazines and picking up imaginary dust…also, I like listening to it on my bluetooth speakers, and I turn them up loud, and he hates coming in and getting his ears blasted out mid romance scene. ha!) I do it while doing almost everything and find the ratio of time I have headphones in vs out is a bit skewed. (side note…ever get a pimple in your ear and then put in headphones? its the worst) I listen at work, while driving to calm me down during traffic, while shopping, while eating, while walking the dog, while working out, taking a shower or bath, doing my hair or makeup. Pretty much anything, ill try to do listen at the same time.

    I’ve been looking for some good wireless headphones. Theres nothing worse than getting up from the seat on the bus to have my ears yanked as the headphones pop out because I hot the cord stuck on the armrest. Which ones do you use?

  9. I’m healthier!! And that’s a big thing. I’m a compulsive person, if I started a book I loved it I wouldn’t put it down until I was finished. That meant hours of sitting, not a good thing for anyone. Now I have a very active life style and I still enjoy my books 🙂 Also my level of stress is so much better, I don’t care about long waits any where I go 🙂

  10. As much as I LOVE audiobooks now, they’d never make me wanna do chores. Wanna come to my house? Hehe! Where they actually helped me is bedtime. I’ve always had a HORRIBLE time falling asleep. I tossed and turned sometimes for 3-4 hours. Now, I listen to audiobooks every night and though I may listen for that 3 or 4 hours now, often it’ll relax me enough to where I get sleepy fasted and I can USUALLY fall asleep pretty quickly after turning it off for the night. There’s been a few times I’ve even fallen asleep listening to books. So, I love it at night to relax me and help me fall asleep, or at least have something enjoyable to do for hours of previous tossing and turning. 🙂

    • Lol! It’s a bit ill, isn’t it? But I really am looking forward to cleaning the house now.

      What do you do when you fall asleep listening to your audiobook? I’ve done it a couple of times and then struggle to find the place where I dropped off.

  11. I used to have a pretty long commute with some pretty bad stop and go traffic, which used to make me stabby. Now, with audiobooks, I don’t mind as much if it takes twice as long to get home as it should. I also listen at work while doing some tedious tasks that would make me batty without some of my favorite narrators keeping me company. I’m to the point where I listen to more books than I read, and I don’t regret it a bit.

  12. YvonneJ

    My husband bought me a bluetooth speaker for the bathroom….I now listen to books while in the shower. I know how you feel, I love my bluetooth headset too…no wires getting tangled and hung up on door knobs. My favorite new audiobook trick(?) is to listen to an audiobook while reading the ‘real’ book (called immersion reading, I think). This works really well when riding the exercise bike. I download the book to my iPod and then adjust the speed (this feature is not available on all books I’ve found out) to 1.5x to 2.0x speed. It sounds funny without the book but your brain adjust once you look at the printed words.

    • You know, that “sounds” like heaven to me…listening to a book while showering. Love it!

      I’ve heard of others doing this immersion reading. Something I now think I should try.

  13. I listen to them while doing everything now and I don’t feel like I am losing out on reading time. Before it was read or do chores, read or do yard work, read or do cooking. Now I can do both 🙂