What the Feck (WTF): Thrills vs. Chills – More Romance or Suspense?

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or Chills



More Romance or Suspense?


As July is for romantic suspense, WTF will address topics related to that subject for the rest of the month.


I love romantic suspense because I get my two favorite genres combined. I cut my reading teeth on mysteries and only recently (last four years) started reading romance after discovering so many writers who are good at it.

I think Nora Roberts (thrills) was the first author I read in this genre upon my return (Montana Sky). Somewhere along the line I started reading Karen Rose‘s series (chills) and fell completely for romantic suspense. Linda Howard and Sandra Brown (both can be thrills or chills) are regular favorites for standalone stories and I love reading them exclusively in audiobook format.

There are some wonderful writers in the genre, many of them participating this month during Hot & Deadly. Some tip the scales more toward romance (thrills) and others toward suspense (chills). We’ve also tried to feature a nice mix of books on both sides of the scales and I’ll let you know where I think they lean in each post.

You can probably guess where I lean (chills) given my reading background. But, as long as it’s fairly balanced (at least 40% suspense), I’m pretty happy.


Do you have a preference?
Are you more inclined towards the romantic thrills or suspense chills?

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10 responses to “What the Feck (WTF): Thrills vs. Chills – More Romance or Suspense?

    • Yes, we will be featuring authors of the genre and reviews of their books the entire month. Here’s hoping you find some new titles.

      Don’t forget to check out the posts from last week! They were really good.

  1. I don’t have much of a preference, b/c I haven’t read much romantic suspense. BUT I want to. I’ve been thinking about seeking more out recently, but being the noob to the genre that I am, I don’t have much of an idea about where to start. SO I’m happy that July is for romantic suspense. I’ve obviously heard of Nora Roberts (who hasn’t?), but I only read one of her books and it was PNR. As for the others . . . NOPE. But I’ll be checking them out now 😉

    • Well, you’re in for a treat this month. With each author post will be an accompanying review of at least one of their books so check in daily to see if there’s anything that appeals to you.

  2. While I enjoy both, I definitely prefer the suspense chills. If I want thrills, I’ll turn to my erotica books. 🙂 For my romantic suspense, I don’t mind the romance at all, but enjoy the suspense the most.

    There are a few authors who I started reading for the suspense and their books turned more romance (Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series springs to mind first) and I just love her and her series so much I’ve stayed with them, despite the lack of continued suspense. Romantic Suspense is still my go to genre when I need a good fall back book. It’s definitely a favorite genre, and for me, more chills than thrills is best.

    • I didn’t realize Virgin River was supposed to be suspense. I guess the first three had those elements (it’s been awhile since I read them). That series was like comfort food to me:) This genre is my go-to also. When I’ve read something that wasn’t all that satisfying, my next book tends to be in this genre.

      Thanks for posting!

  3. It just depends on what mood I’m in 🙂 My reading preferences have changed over the years and I now prefer romance story-lines to always be with something else. Romance-adventure/thriller/suspense/horror etc etc. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of romance paranormal (not PNR but like ghost stories with some romance included), and then steampunk-romance.

    I just read a really great romance-suspense last week, which was actually written by a male author! It was about the Witness Protection program and the Mafia. It was The Girl She Used to Be, by David Cristofano.

    • You know, I’ve noticed that I want at least a whiff of romance in almost everything I’m reading these days though I’m ok if it’s not there in my traditional mysteries/thrillers. Btw, Maggie Shayne has a really good mystery/paranormal series with romantic elements called Brown and de Luca. I’ve reviewed the first two books here if you’re interested.