Accidentally Demonic by Dakota Cassidy

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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Accidentally Demonic by Dakota CassidyAccidentally Demonic by Dakota Cassidy
Series: Accidentals #4
Narrator: Meredith Mitchell
Published by Tantor Audio on 05-30-14
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: Audiobook
Length: 10 hrs and 49 mins
Audio | Goodreads

When mild-mannered Casey Schwartz wakes up in jail, she has no memory of how she got there. But after her sister Wanda bails her out, Casey has more to deal with than a foggy memory - like abrupt mood swings and fireballs shooting from her fingertips. But things really head south when a vampire shows up on her doorstep.

Vampire Clayton Gunnersson is seriously hot. And seriously taken - by a demon. In a ritual gone wrong, Clayton tried to get rid of his unwanted bond, but spilled some demonic blood on Casey, getting her possessed in the process. Now, Casey has to share her body and manage to keep her growing attraction to Clayton in check, because falling for her demon's boyfriend just might get Casey killed - from the inside out.

After not finishing book 3, The Accidental Human because I just didn’t like the main characters, Wanda & Health I skipped to Accidental Demonic in hopes I’d like it more. Well the main character is Wanda’s little sister, Casey and there was more Wanda in it that I liked so I stopped the audio.

But then I thought I’m going to give Accidental Demonic a second chance. Yeah there was more Wanda than I liked but I got over it and starting liking Casey in spite of her sister. Plus I liked Casey’s love interest, Clayton a lot more than Wanda’s.

I really enjoyed Casey. She’s like the nicer and less crass version of Nina. Clayton is a sexy vamp. I liked them together as a couple. After seeing the last three heroines deal with being accidentally turned into werewolf, vampire and a were/vamp we get to follow them help Casey deal with her accidentally being turned into a demon.

I also loved that the Bobby Sue makeup thing is over now. I have higher hopes for the next book, Accidentally Catty.

While the series has not blown me away yet I feel like that’s due more to the narration than the writing. I’m coming to the conclusion that Meredith Mitchell narrations is not working for me. I was hoping that she would grow on me but she has not. I think she’s what keeping me from really enjoying the series. Which is a shame since I have the next 3 books on audio from the publisher. I’m going to power through them so I can start reading the series and then I’ll know for sure if it’s a case of the wrong (for me) narrator.  But since I’m having a hard time enjoying the narration I’m going to take a little break from this series and space those 3 audiobooks out so that the narration doesn’t sour my thoughts on the story, characters and writing.


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2 responses to “Accidentally Demonic by Dakota Cassidy

  1. I’m surprised you went back to listen to book 4 after DNFing the last. I get jaded easily, and don’t usually look back once I DNF a book. Glad it was better though. =)

    • I did it mostly because I thought the next couple might be set up in this one but they weren’t LOL so I could have skipped this one too. I’m going to give the series another book before I call it quits. Like I said I think it’s really the narrator that’s killing it for me.