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How to load audiobooks using OverDrive


These steps are for iPhone

The Hard Way:

Here are the steps I used to download an audiobook from my library website and then uploaded it to my iPhone via iTunes.

Things you’ll need:

You’ll check out the audio book and then go to your bookshelf to download it.

Once it downloads you’ll need to click on the file and as long as you have the OverDrive Media Console downloaded it will open in the the console.


Then you’ll need to pick the audio you want to transfer.

If you don’t have “Manually manage music…” checked in iTunes then you will get the above pop-up telling you to select it. While you have your iPhone hooked up to your computer open iTunes and go to SUMMARY (see above image) and check “Manually manage..”.  You’ll need to click OK on the pop-up window from OverDrive and then try the transfer process (shown in the second screen shot above).


Last you will see your audiobook downloading in iTunes and it should now be on your iPhone. Where does it go on your iPhone? In your music app that you use for your iTunes music.



The Easy Way:

Downloading audiobook from the OverDrive iPhone App

Things you’ll need:


You’ll need to sign in or if it’s your first time using the app, you’ll need to set up an account. Then you search for your library and add it (them) to your list. After that you log into your library account like you would on your computer.

Check out the audio from the app and then hit download.


Click on the “9” (this number will be different, it’s the number of parts in the audiobook). It will take you to the files area of the app.

When you go to the files section you can watch each part download. You’re done and you can listen to you audiobook.

The iPhone app is the way to go. It’s easier just make sure you’re using WiFi when you download or you could run your data charges up.

Do you use the OverDrive App for audiobooks?

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15 responses to “Talking Between Reads (TBR): Using OverDrive for Audiobooks

    • I’ve listened to Tantor downloads through my Audible app by loading to my phone via iTunes but the OverDrive files don’t show up for me in the Audible app.

  1. Holy crap you lost me on that first method! Although I had to do that once for my Baby Girl so she could listen to a book on loan via her iPod nano. I do use the Overdrive app on my phone and overall I”m pleased with it. However, I’ve had it happen a few times that after closing out the app and reopening it later, the book starts all over again at the beginning of that part. So I try to remember to add bookmarks in when I stop for the day.
    twimom227 recently posted…Review: Chained by Night by Larissa IoneMy Profile

    • Yeah that happens to me too when I’m listening via iTunes on my phone. That’s why I’ve started using my Amazon music app. It doesn’t start the audio over. It saves where you stopped.

    • Some audios are not Mac friendly. I’ve had to download some to my our PC and then transfer to iTunes and they work. But now we replaced our PC with a Mac desktop so I’m screwed if it’s one of those files. LOL