Amanda’s Thoughts on My Soul to Keep by Sharie Kohler

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Amanda’s Thoughts on My Soul to Keep by Sharie KohlerMy Soul to Keep by Sharie Kohler
Series: Moon Chasers #4
Published by Pocket Books on August 31st 2010
Pages: 352 pages
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Sharie Kohler dazzles with the dark, sensual world of the Moon Chasers, where two half-breed lycans are locked in deadly combat over the fate of the world—and their own hearts.

Sorcha is no longer the pitiful teenage orphan who roamed the streets of Paris after her pack was destroyed, but despite all she now has—wealth, beauty, strength—she is still haunted by memories of Jonah, her fellow half-breed who broke her innocent young heart years before, and who now believes her dead. Determined to drive Jonah from her dreams forever, Sorcha vows to kill the witch whose curse first condemned the lycans to soulless immortality . . . doomed to be ruled by their dark passions, yet never truly able to love or be loved.

Still devastated over the girl he failed, Jonah has found purpose as a demon slayer. When a stranger starts stalking the world’s most powerful demon witch, he is assigned to kill the huntress before her meddling releases an evil that threatens all mankind.

Face-to-face again at last, can Sorcha and Jonah put their anger and hurt behind them to defeat the darkness . . . and dare they hope to find a love neither dreamed possible?

This is a fun werewolf/shifter series! My Soul to Keep is the fourth installment within the Moon Chasers series.

As a child, Sorcha was terrorized by her family. Her father was a strong, slightly crazy, alpha who seemed bent of conquering the werewolf world. Her family viewed her as weak, but Jonah, her father’s right hand man, protected her. Growing up, Sorcha had a crush on Jonah, but he didn’t return her feelings – he always viewed her as a child.

Years later, Sorcha and Jonah meet again. Both had believed the other was dead, but their reunion is anything but happy and peaceful. Sorcha is on a mission to kill a demon possessed witch and Jonah (who is a demon hunter) has been charged with keeping the possessed witch alive. If the sorceress dies, her demon will be released and hell will literally break loose.

The overall storyline of the book was fantastic. The relationship and sexual tension between the main characters was well written. The draw backs: Sorcha was a bit too headstrong and she became very irritating at times. The book, though short, seemed to drag in some areas. Jonah saved the story. He was a wonderful hero.

This series is a fresh take on shifters/werewolves. The paranormal and fantasy elements blend very well. If you are a fan on the shifters, werewolves and witches you must check out the Moon Chasers series.




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