Not Your Friendly Ghost! Vision of Darkness by Tonya Burrows

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Not Your Friendly Ghost! Vision of Darkness by Tonya BurrowsVision of Darkness by Tonya Burrows
Series: D. I. E. Squadron #1
Published by Self Published on December 1, 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 400
Format: eARC
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A beacon of light...

Undercover DEA agent Alex Brennan doesn’t believe in the paranormal, despite the exhausting nightmares that reveal things he shouldn’t know. When sleep deprivation causes him to make a horrible mistake on the job, he is driven to find answers. Dreams guide him to a lighthouse in Three Churches, Maine, where he finds an inexplicable and comforting familiarity in the arms of the lighthouse’s beautiful keeper, Pru Maddox.

A whisper of memory…

Deadly misfortune has long plagued Pru’s family, the result of a curse “The Green Lady” placed on the lighthouse. Skeptical, Alex searches for less ghostly explanations, though he can’t deny that the town has had more than its fair share of disappearances, suicides, and accidents. As their passion simmers, Alex digs deeper, and his dreams turn violent, frightening, and very real.

A vision of darkness...

To keep Pru safe, Alex must embrace his abilities and unravel the lighthouse’s mystery. Except someone—or something—wants the past to stay buried...and will do anything to keep it that way.

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Quick summary
DEA Agent Alex Brennan was undercover for a long while and then forced to take some time off after an unfortunate incident. He’s inexplicably drawn to the town of Three Churches, Maine and is confronted with some ghostly paranormal events. But, Alex doesn’t believe in these kinds of things, even when the attractive Pru Maddox tries to convince him otherwise.

What I liked
The story is fairly complex because there are multiple situations in play that are complicated separately and when considered as a whole. You know eventually there will be some connection but it’s pretty gnarly to unravel and piece together. Alex also formerly served in the Marines and members of his squadron play significant roles here. They have unique skills that are compelling and I know there’ll be future stories about them, which I’m looking forward to reading. Alex and Pru’s relationship took time to form, even though there was instant lust between them. The story’s climax was pretty exciting with a very odd turn at the end that has me hooked.

What created challenges
As mentioned, the complexity I enjoyed also created some frustrations as it took time to set up the various stages. I knew it would get there (it did) but maybe it took a smidgen too long to develop and the romance was slightly impacted as my attention was drawn away from them.

The bottom line
This is a strong start to the series and its concept is quite interesting, with some clever aspects that I’m anxious to explore. Now that the foundation is firmly in place, I expect the next stories to be a bit nimbler, though I really enjoyed where this one landed.

About Tonya Burrows

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  1. I’m going to keep my eye on this one Jonetta, thanks for sharing your toughs 🙂
    I hope you have a fabulous and very Happy New Year!

  2. I’ve only read one Paranormal Suspense / Romance / Military combo series to date, but it’s now on my auto-buy list, so obviously that recipe works for me. I’ve been seeing this title around the blogosphere a lot recently, and I am seriously tempted.