Can’t Get Enough of…Murder and Mayhem

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Can’t Get Enough of . . .  is a new monthly feature here at The Book Nympho where we give you lists of books that are similar either by topic, genre, character types, etc. You can find new posts mid-month on Friday.


I’ve made no secret of my love for the mystery and suspense genre. It’s a popular reading category so I’m one of many who enjoy a good whodunnit.

What I haven’t been so open about is my love for the edgier stories in this genre. I’m drawn to the more highly suspenseful books, the more murder and mayhem the better. No cozy mysteries for me as there’s just not enough action, thrills and psychos to keep me interested.

Here are some of my favorite authors and series, guaranteed to create chills, fright and keep you up at night.


Harlan Coben

While I love his Myron Bolitar series, it’s his standalone novels that Missing Yougive me my biggest thrills. He never misses.

  1. Tell No One
  2. Gone for Good
  3. Just One Look
  4. Missing You




Christy Reece

Her Last Chance Rescue series is phenomenal! It’s not your traditionalRescue Me romantic suspense story because her characters often get seriously roughed up. I’ve read the first six and loved them.

  1. Rescue Me
  2. Return to Me
  3. Run to Me
  4. No Chance
  5. Second Chance
  6. Last Chance



Karen Rose

I call her the queen of romantic suspense. Her unnamed series is one don't tellof the finest and don’t let anyone convince you they can be read out of order if solving the crimes is important to you. You’ll run into spoilers about the earlier crimes and her bad guys are really, really bad. Here’s what I’ve read:

  1. Don’t Tell
  2. Have You Seen Her?
  3. I’m Watching You
  4. Nothing to Fear
  5. You Can’t Hide
  6. Count to Ten
  7. Die for Me


Val McDermid

I consider her the queen of murder and mayhem. Her killers commit The Mermaids Singinggruesome crimes and her main characters are sometimes fair game. I LOVE her Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series and if you can get the audiobooks, they’re even better. Here’s what I’ve read:

  1. The Mermaids Singing
  2. The Wire in the Blood
  3. The Last Temptation



Are murder and mayhem your game?
Who keeps you up at night?

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2 responses to “Can’t Get Enough of…Murder and Mayhem

  1. I love these, too! I’ve read Harlan Coben – did you read Six Years? That was amazing also. I just recently discovered Karen Rose and have kept reading on in the series. Her books are looooong and SO good.

    Right now, I’m reading a JA Jance novel. Her works are so well-written and I need that murder and mayhem as well. Have you read her? I like all 3 series: JP Beaumont, Joanna Brady and Ali Reynolds.

    Something along this line but not quite the same, with romance interwined and supernatural, sort of the original PNR world, would be Iris Johannsen (some of hers) or Kay Hooper. No vamps, shifters, or other species, just expanded abilities in humans.

    • Jonetta (Ejaygirl)

      I have Six Years but haven’t gotten to it yet. I also have J.A. Jance’s J. P. Beaumont series and the first book in her Joanna Brady series but haven’t been able to get to them, either:)

      I have Kay Hooper’s Bishop Files series and have started that one! Really enjoyed the first book.

      Are you talking about Iris Johannsen’s Eve Duncan series? My sisters-in-law love that series but I haven’t begun that one either.