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For many, to include myself, listening to audiobooks is a learned pleasure. Figuring out how to listen attentively and appreciate the nuances of the narration can take a newbie some time. Listening to a book you’ve previously read is a great way to break into audiobooks. This is especially true if you loved the book originally, and it is narrated by a top-tier performer.

I started my love affair with audiobooks in this manner. Our lovely blog hostess here at The Book Nympho, Jennifer, along with a few other “diehard” listeners, helped me find a solid series/narrator combination to help “ease” me into listening to books. I completed a “re-read” of the Kate Daniel series by Ilona Andrews, which is narrated by Renee Raudman. This is one of my favorite series, and it had been about four years since I started the first book. I figured it was time to reacquaint myself with the series in preparation of reading the then, upcoming seventh title.

At first I found myself trying to remember what happened in the books, which I also do when reading a series. Next, I realized there were things going on in the books that I couldn’t ever remember reading originally. After a few hours of listening, and certainly by the end of the first book, I’d learned how to “relax and listen.”

It took about three books for me to fully learn how to listen to and enjoy an audiobook. I was able to just listen and figure out how to pay attention without being distracted. I also realized if I missed a couple words now and then, I wasn’t missing out on the bigger picture and whole story. Once I hit my stride, I couldn’t get enough of the books in the audio format. Starting with a “re-read” was helpful because if I missed a scene or two, I generally knew what was happening. This allowed me to figure out how to better listen and determine which were key moments not to miss. Eventually, I was able to take these learned experiences into new-to-me books with great success.

Now I find that I cannot be without an audiobook at the ready. The best thing about audiobooks is the ability to catch up on multi-book series that have been on my “must read” list for years. I am so glad I took the time and effort to learn how to listen to audiobooks. I hope you enjoy them, too!

Jen Twimom has a weekly audiobook feature called Listen Up! every Thursday. You should check it out and follow her on social media and her awesome blog.

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12 responses to “Listen Up! to What Jen Twimom has to say about Audiobooks

  1. I started out listening to audiobook for books that I had already read as well. I didn’t really know anyone in the blogger community at the time, so I was on my own, but was lucky enough to have found some good narrators only because some of my favorite series have great narrators. I’m really glad about that because it makes me want to revisit often. Great post Jen. I hope that this will help others convert to audiobook listeners as well.

  2. Yes, I seem to have an audio at the ready everywhere I go! My issue is that when I find a narrator I love, I tend to stick with their books. haha this is GOOD and BAD at the same time. 🙂

    I have heard (hahaha) that the Kate Daniels series is fantastic on audio. It’s one of my favorite series so I might have a listen for the next book releases.

  3. SBB

    “Now I find that I cannot be without an audiobook at the ready.” <<< YES! I totally relate to this. I always have something on my phone ready to listen to.

  4. What a great strategy! I find that for me it’s difficult to listen attentively if I’m doing anything too physical. I envy those who can run on the treadmill and listen to a book. But if it’s hands-on menial work like doing dishes or folding laundry I’m fine. I started listening—beyond the rare occasion when I received an audio copy for review—because I find that for me it’s one of the only ways I can fit in not-for-review reading. So I can finally read books like the ASOFAI series or other older titles that were never offered to me for review that I want to read. But if I knew someone who was a newbie I think this strategy would work much better.

    • Glad you are finding a way to listen. I agree – listening is allowing me to catch up on those “must read series” that I’ve never gotten to. My current series is Mercy Thompson – almost done with it!

  5. I listened to my first audio book about two months ago. I wanted to try it for a long car trip and it worked out great. I listen when I have to take the car to work instead of the Harley since it’s about 20-30 minutes each way. (I get CDs from the library.) Anne

    • Excellent! If you have a smart phone, most libraries also offer a downloadable library, which is how I listen to books. Then I can take in the car, listen at home, or when I walk.

  6. Omg, I did not know that the Kate Daniels books were in audio. Putting that on my list. I still haven’t quite hit my stride yet with listening. Sadly I can it gets pushed back from other stuff and reading. But I like the idea of starting out on a book you already read and loved