June is Audiobook Month (JIAM): Favorite Male Narrators

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June is Audiobook Month and at The Book Nympho we will be celebrating every Monday in June with audio related posts and giveaways. We will also be bring you a month full of  audio reviews.

I’m kicking JIAM 2015 off with a list of my favorite male narrators. I’ve not listened to many audios performed by male narrators but I do have a few that are must listens.


  • Robert Petkoff – Petkoff brings so much life to the characters that I can’t bring myself to experience the books any other way but on audio. He does the female character justice and his accents for the male characters are just panty dropping good!  (interview from 2014, reviews)
  • Luke Daniels -Daniels does a fabulous job with both romance and urban fantasy performances. And he has the best Irish Wolfhound voice ever! (interview from 2014, reviews)
  • Roger Wayne – Roger Wayne came out of no where for me. I was hooked on his narration of Charming by Elliott James, within 20 minutes of listening. He did an outstanding job with everything. I see that he is branching out into romance and I can’t wait to listen to one of those titles.
  • MacLeod Andrews – MacLoed brings the Sandman Slim series to life with his gritty performance. (interview from 2014)
  • Fred Berman – Great work on The Walking Dead books. He has a great voice for Post Apocalyptic and dark stories. He also get a great job with Gil’s All Fright Diner. He does well with an all male cast listen.
  • Jonathan Cole – Great British accent (not sure if it’s real or not but I love it) I simply adore Cole’s work on Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren. I look forward to listening to more of his work.
  • Sebastian York – GREAT snarky and cocky voice for those bastard like characters. LOVE York’s work on Emma Chase’s Tangled series and the Beautiful Bastard series. I have tons more of audios narrated by Sebastian on my TBR. He is always fun to listen to and he’s voice is damn sexy.





Tantor is giving away one audio download performed by Roger Wayne.

I recommend one from the Pax Arcana series by Elliott James

See full list of audios by Roger HERE.


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Simon & Schuster Audio is giving away two audio downloads from two of my favorite series and male narrators.

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37 responses to “June is Audiobook Month (JIAM): Favorite Male Narrators

  1. Kamla L.

    I have a few favorites so it difficult to single out just one. You have mentioned some of my favorites but I would add Holter Graham to the list.

      • Kamla L.

        I haven’t listen to the Alpha and Omega series yet but I love the job he does on both Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter and The League series.

  2. Patti (@TheLoveJunkee)

    I loved Phil Gigante in the Fever series but also in KMM’s historical series. I loooove Jonathan Cole in Beautiful Stranger – sooo swoony 🙂

    • I don’t normally like British accents at least not for audio books. TV sure but listening to an audio is too much for me, it’s the reason I’ve not tried any historicals. LOL But yes Cole is swoony and I think his accent is real. I’ve been trying to research him on line but I’ve not found much on him.

  3. Angela Bartlett

    Scott Brick is very high on my list of awesome men to listen to. He brings the characters to life. Dick Hill is up there too. He can just read me a shopping list with that voice and I’d be happy!

  4. SB

    I totally agree about Roger Wayne (especially in Bright Side – omg1) and Sebastian York (LOVE Reasonable Doubt). I also love Sean Crisden and Andrew Eiden.

  5. I can’t believe you didn’t have Phil Gigante on your list. I thought you loved him. I love his narrator of KMM’s Highlander series. He does a great job with Scottish accents. I would also add Sean Crisden, Holter Graham, Jim Frangione (I know not everyone likes him), and R. C. Bray. I still need to try Luke Daniels. That series is on my TRL list.

    • I’ve only listen to Phil on the Fever series and while he’s great for that series he’s not on my favorites list. {shrugs}

      Sean Crisden is good on some audios and others not so good so I think it might be the writing vs. his performance. I like his work on the Cut & Run audios.

  6. Karin Anderson

    I think in one of my reviews I called Kaleo Griffith, who narrates Pamela Clare’s MacKinney’s Rangers and Blakewell/Kenleigh series, a god. He is one of my favorite narrators, period.

    • I’ve listened to Kaleo Griffith do Laura Wright’s The Cavanaugh Brothers series. Well one of the books. I have another one on my TBR>

  7. I’ve only listened to one male narrator, and he’s not on your list (Holter Graham). Someday I’ll try more, but I think b/c I mostly listen to UF with a first person female lead, I mostly hear female narrators.

  8. *hangs head in shame* I have actually never heard any of these narrators narrate. I’m a fan of Kaleo Griffith and Jim Frangione.

  9. I think you either love Luke Daniels or you’re wrong. lol It should go without saying that James Marsters is another wonderful narrator. Generally speaking though I find myself listening to more female narrators though.

    • I have James Marsters on my TBL pile with the Jim Butcher series. I wish he had done a dual narration with Tavia Gilbert on the Night Huntress series. He would have been perfect for Bones if he did is Spike voice. LOL

  10. I love Phil Gigante, in the Highlander series by Karen Marie Moning. He would say “Tooping a lass” and it was so sexy!

    But Robert Petkoff is head and shoulders above all!

    • I love Phil’s work on the Fever series. I’ve not listened to the Highlanders yet because I’m worried he won’t do good female voices. LOL

      Petkoff is the man!

  11. Jonetta (Ejaygirl)

    Another favorite of mine is Kaleo Griffith who narrates Pamela Clare’s MacKinney’s Rangers and Blakewell/Kenleigh series. He is fabulous.

    Of course, you’ve already included two of most favorite, Robert Petkoff and Sebastian York. I also enjoy Jim Frangione’s narration of the BDB series.

    • I tried a different book narrated by Jim and I could not get into his performance. I think he would be best suited for an all male (or mostly male) cast.

    • I have listened to Nick dual narrate Four Years Later by Monica Murphy. I really enjoyed him. I’ll have to see what else he narrates.

  12. I just got started with audiobooks. Now that the nook has it available on your phone. I find them enjoyable for long walks on the treadmill or in city neighborhoods. Its great when I want to go long distance.

    But I never thought to look for narrators though. I will be looking these up.

    • Glad you’re getting into audios! They are a great way to pass the time when working out or driving. And even cleaning house.

  13. Laurie

    Tough call, I agree with you on many of yours. Sebastian York could not be more dreamy, he is my Favorite, but I also love Jonathan Cole and Scott Brick.