2015 Stomp vs Romp Line Up

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Normally Stomp vs Romp is co-hosted with Carmel from Rabid Reads but for the FOURTH year there’s a new co-host in town. Welcome, Rachel aka Parajunkee to Stomp vs Romp. She’s filling in for Carmel since she is neck-deep in real life stuff at the moment.

Parajunkee will be hosting TEAM ROMP and The Book Nympho will be hosting TEAM STOMP.

If you’re new to STOMP VS ROMP. . .

The theme is sexy scenes vs action scenes in fiction. The Book Nympho is on TEAM STOMP (Urban Fantasy) and Parajunkee is TEAM ROMP (Romance – paranormal, romantic suspense or other romance genres).
We have a full month planned, every MondayWednesday and Friday in August authors from both teams will have guest posts, excerpts and giveaways. You can check out past Stomp vs Romp posts from 201420132012 while you wait for Stomp vs Romp 2015 to start on Monday, August 3rd.

We hope you enjoy this year’s Stomp vs Romp line-up:

Date Team Stomp Team Romp
August 03 Jennifer Estep Paige Tyler
August 05 Sandy Williams Jayne Castle
August 07 Chloe Neill M.L. Buchman
August 10 Jeffe Kennedy Kate Baxter
August 12 Amanda Bonilla Kaylie Newell
August 14 Elliott James Eve Langlais
August 17 Wendy Sparrow Zoey Derrick
August 19 E.J. Stevens Anne Calhoun
August 21  ML Brennan  Angel Payne, Victoria Blue
August 24  Kristi Charish Elizabeth Hunter
August 26  Marshall Ryan Maresca Kate Allure
August 28 Sierra Dean Terry Spear



Stomp & Romp Titles Being Featured:

Spider's Trap Wolf Trouble Shades of Treason 0515155748-186x300 The Veil
The Talon of the Hawk Fearless Hunter of Her Heart
18459755 23590296
Owl and the City of Angels A Murder of Mages EVENING-STORM-250x405 Thunder Road
Shadows at Midnight









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8 responses to “2015 Stomp vs Romp Line Up

  1. August is such a great time of year. We’ve got Stomp v. Romp and (in my family) so many birthdays. August is the party month. Whoop Whoop!
    My vote is for team Romp – love romance.