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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Audio Review: Two Minutes by Dannika DarkTwo Minutes by Dannika Dark
Series: Seven #6
Narrator: Nicole Poole
Published by Tantor Audio on Aug 25, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: Audiobook
Length: 11 hrs 15 min
Source: Publisher
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After years of living abroad, Maizy returns home to the only family she’s ever known—a pack of wolves. When she confronts her childhood watchdog to see where they stand, his resentment leaves her uncertain about where she really belongs.

Behind Denver’s charming smile is a tragic past—one that’s made his wolf savage and unpredictable. Only Maizy has been able to tame that darkness, and when they’re reunited after many years apart, he no longer sees a child he once protected. She’s captivating and intelligent—a woman with the world at her fingertips and two suitors offering more than he ever could.

Torn between two worlds, Maizy must choose how her fairy tale ends. Tragedy, murder, passion, and imprisonment all collide with a heart-stopping twist.

Maizy and Denny’s story has been brewing from the beginning of the Seven series. It had to build over time since Maizy was a little girl when she met Denny and he was her watch dog. But with time apart to give Maizy time to grew up into a young woman was the key to making their attraction into something sweet and sexy instead of creepy and icky.

Denny is the happy-go-lucky wolf in the Westin pack. He doesn’t take life serious and always has a joke on hand. Maizy is the pack’s little princess but not in the spoiled why. She’s like a sister or daughter to many of them. She was the human girl who had the pack wrapped around her finger.

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But Maizy never saw Denny as a brother or father figure, he was her best friend. And when she moved away to go to school and then later college in the human world they grew apart. Denny stopped writing her back and would never come with the rest of the pack to visit her. Maizy’s heart was broken. She couldn’t understand why Denny had vanished from her life. She thought that him being her watch dog was just a job to him.

Denny felt like one of Maizy’s old dolls left in a box and forgotten after she moved out to live in the human world. Since humans age and die he put some distance between him and Maizy. He couldn’t bare the thought of watching her grow old and die. Or move on with a human male.

I felt all kinds of feelings from the moment I started listening to the end. Denny and Maizy’s romance was a heartbreaker, sweet and lusty. And Nicole Poole’s narration made all those emotions intense with her perfect narration of the story. I will have to say that I missed Poole’s voice for young Maizy. I loved hearing her voice little Maizy and the way she said Denny as a little girl was so endearing. But Poole did a great job with adult Maizy’s voice. There was little hints at the younger voice but much like the character, Maizy was a different woman when she returned to the Pack.

I can’t wait to listen to more in the series. Next we get a Novella about Prince. Which will be a little different since Prince is not part of the Weston Pack but after his part in Two Minutes he needs his HEA told. Then I’m hoping that One Second will be Will and Travis’ story. Those two have to get together!

While you could read Two Mintues as a stand alone, I feel like you would miss out on a lot of Maizy and Denny’s history if you didn’t start with book 1, Seven Years.  Their story is richer if you experience them as they grow together and Maizy ages.


About Nicole Poole

Nicole Poole is a classically trained actor with equal passions for literature and improvisation. She has toured with the Royal Shakespeare Company, has been a member of the critically acclaimed Walter Thompson Orchestra for over fifteen years, and recently became a member of the Parisian groups SPOUMJ and Anitya. She is honored to have been recognized for her narration by an AudioFile Earphones Award, a Publisher’s Weekly Listen-Up Award, and nomination for an Audie Award.

About Dannika Dark

Dannika traveled abroad in her formative years, learning that life was bigger than her own backyard. With an active imagination, she developed a love for poetry and classic literature. At age 12, influential modern writers such as Stephen King and Anne Rice sparked her interest in writing short stories about magic and the apocalypse, but it wasn’t until decades later that Dannika left her 9-5 corporate job to pursue a career in publishing.

In addition to writing about supernatural worlds, Dannika is passionate about graphic design and creates all her own covers and series art. When not writing, she enjoys indie music, reading, Netflix, strawberry daiquiris, heaps of chocolate, and unleashing her dark side.

All of her published books to date are written in the same universe and contain material suitable for adults only. Dannika’s books have sold more than 1.5 million copies worldwide.

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7 responses to “Audio Review: Two Minutes by Dannika Dark

  1. Awe their romance does sounds like a heartbreaker. I wanna read Maizy and Denny’s story. I am not really familiar with this serie..but love that it is paranormal.

  2. I loved Maizy’s and Denny’s story, Jennifer, and I’m really glad it was good on audio as well, since I have it in the format, too 😀
    I’m so excited for the next installment, and maybe I’ll just get it directly on audio this time around. Great review 🙂