Audio Review: Split Second by David Baldacci

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Audio Review: Split Second by David BaldacciSplit Second by David Baldacci
Series: King & Maxwell #1
Narrator: Scott Brick
Published by Grand Central Publishing on October 8, 2007
Genres: Mystery, Suspense
Format: Audiobook
Length: 11 hours, 40 minutes
Source: Library
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The world can change forever in a single...


Michelle Maxwell has just wrecked her promising career at the Secret Service. Against her instincts, she let a presidential candidate out of her sight for the briefest moment, and the man whose safety was her responsibility vanished into thin air. Sean King knows how the younger agent feels. Eight years earlier, the hard-charging Secret Service agent allowed his attention to be diverted for a split second. And the candidate he was protecting was gunned down before his eyes. Now Michelle and Sean are about to see their destinies converge.

Drawn into a maze of lies, secrets, and deadly coincidences, the two discredited agents uncover a shocking truth: that the separate acts of violence that shattered their lives were really a long time in the making-and are a long way from over...


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Secret Service Agents Sean King and Michelle Maxwell watched their careers go up in smoke in a split second. Though their events occurred eight years apart, they become connected by the events that altered their courses. It also seems now that the two events might have their own connection.


I enjoyed the story, especially the pace as there was rarely time to relax before the next challenge was presented. I liked the murky characters and odd directions the story would take, sometimes making it a bit convoluted but always interesting. While I figured out the villain, the motivation wasn’t something I could have ever deduced.


Scott Brick’s narration set the right tone for King and Maxwell’s relationship dynamics. I’ll continue listening to the series as I liked the interplay between the two characters. This was a good start to the series.

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About David Baldacci

About this author edit data
David Baldacci published his first novel, Absolute Power, in 1996. A major motion picture adaptation followed, with Clint Eastwood as its director and star. In total, David has published 28 novels, all of which have been national and international bestsellers; several have been adapted for film and television. His novels have been translated into more than 45 languages and sold in more than 80 countries; over 110 million copies are in print worldwide. David has also published four novels for children. He has received numerous accolades for his writing; most recently, he was inducted into the International Crime Writing Hall of Fame and received the Barnes & Noble Writers for Writers Award.

A lifelong Virginian, David received degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia School of Law, after which he practiced law in Washington, D.C.

While David is involved with several philanthropic organizations, his greatest efforts are dedicated to his family’s Wish You Well Foundation®. Established by David and his wife, Michelle, the Wish You Well Foundation supports family and adult literacy in the United States by fostering and promoting the development and expansion of literacy and educational programs. In 2008 the Foundation partnered with Feeding America to launch Feeding Body & Mind, a program to address the connection between literacy, poverty and hunger. Through Feeding Body & Mind, more than 1 million new and used books have been collected and distributed through food banks to families in need.

David and his family live in Virginia.

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4 responses to “Audio Review: Split Second by David Baldacci

  1. I have heard about Baldacci from one of my friends and we also read Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, Dale Brown, etc. But wasn’t this also a TV show a year or so ago? King & Maxwell? I watched it because Ryan Hurst from SOA was on it and it was pretty good, but got cancelled the first season.

    Anyway, I’ve always meant to read this just didn’t realize it was King & Maxwell. Interesting.

    • Yes, the TV show was based on the books in this series. I deliberately didn’t watch it because I knew I planned to read the books…can’t read them after they’ve been developed for the big or small screen.

      This is my third book by Baldacci and I’m liking his writing style.