Talking Between Reads (TBR): September is Library Card Signup Month

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Get out and get those library cards (or renew them)! They save you TONS of money on books. And most libraries have other things you can check out besides books (gasp!)


Jennifer’s Library Experience

I love using my library card, it saves me so much money from books, movies to video games. But what if my library does not have a book/audiobook? Request it! 9 out 10 books I request via my library system they get! I only request ebooks and audiobooks but I’m sure they would get print copies as well.

Help out your library! Have books you don’t want anymore? Donate them to your library! Even ARCs, my library has a Free Books Shelf for people to grab books to take home. I keep a box at all times in my house where I store print books when I’m done reading them. Once the box is full I take them to my library. They love seeing me come in with a box of books and audiobooks.

But enough about the books (what?!) I mentioned that you can do other things with your library card. (You don’t really need a card for these but why not get one?!)

A FEW Programs my local library has:

  • Genealogy Workshop
  • Story Time
  • Young Adult writing classes
  • Lego Club
  • Argentine Tango Class
  • Read to the animals at the local animal shelter
  • Free after school touring
  • American Girl Book Club
  • Harry Potter Reading Club
  • Arts craft: painting, knitting, coloring, etc.


Anne talks about Interlibrary loan:

I found Interlibrary loan while I lived in Minnesota.  The Hennepin County library is huge, awesome and well stocked but I have very broad reading interests.  The head librarian lived near me and we became friends. She told me how I could order things from other libraries through Interlibrary loan. (ILL) It’s an unfortunate acronym.
Your library needs to subscribe. You need your library card numbers and may need to create or use a PIN.  It’s an option on the library website. You may be able to ask the librarian to place a request for you also.  Once into the system, you go to Worldcat to search for an item and place a request.  It will show every library which has it and how many miles away it is.
Requests can only be for physical items – books, CDs, DVDs.  Since I now do most things digitally, I use ILL less.  The library here in North Carolina told me each request costs them $20, so for paperback books, I don’t understand why they don’t just buy a copy. They also only allow you to request items published 6 months or longer ago.
Anyway,  they give you a set amount of time to keep the item and may allow it to be renewed once.   I have also used this for audiobook CDs to play in the car on trips.  It’s very convenient and just another way to get materials you want at the library.  I’ll continue to use it for things I can’t get other ways.



Jonetta’s Library Experience

My reading world changed when I discovered my state’s online system, the North Carolina Digital Library. It is a collaboration between many cities and counties in the state (excluding Charlotte and Raleigh), allowing for a more robust inventory through collective resources.

I got my first eReader back in 2010 and I eventually evolved to reading books digitally exclusively. It wasn’t until late in that year that I found out about the library system and I was ecstatic. Until that time, I’d purchased all of my books so the money I began saving was at least about $300 a month.

It wasn’t until the next year that I figured out how to download audiobooks from the library system. That was another life changing event as this now became an affordable option. Today, even though I have an Audible membership, just about all of my audiobooks are library rentals (or titles received from publishers/authors for review).

Though I rarely use the physical library resources, I love that it’s so easy to do in my city. I have a small branch just a couple of miles from my home but we use a central library system to deliver whatever books or DVDs to requesting branches so size is irrelevant. And, when my young nephew comes to visit, we go to the library for reading hours, picture books and DVDs to watch while he’s here. He makes it a real occasion as I watch him develop a love for reading and libraries that I had at the same age.

My reading experience just wouldn’t be the same without my library. It literally changed my life.


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5 responses to “Talking Between Reads (TBR): September is Library Card Signup Month

  1. Jonetta, you just lightened up my conscience a lot reading how much you used to spent for books in a month. Holy wow!

    Thank you ladies for this wonderful report. I really enjoyed it.

    Best wishes
    Vi @ Gone With The Books

  2. I’m not very good about using my library resources. I use mostly the digital downloads or I request physical copies and just run in a pick them up when they are ready. My library is great about buying books for me. I mostly request audios and they frequently buy the CDs (which I promptly download into iTunes and create audiobook files so I can listen on my iPod). I’m frequently reminding people that you can also get movies at the library. Sometimes the wait can be long for really popular titles, but you can also find many of those classics that you maybe never got to without a wait at all.

  3. I’ve never taken advantage of any of the non-book related resources/activities at the library, but they really do offer a lot. I just don’t have the time!

    I used to use ILL all the time – back when I was doing research for school. I would request books from all over the world 🙂 it was cool, but I hate that it costs them so much. I assume they don’t buy the books because the cost of owning and storing them would eventually be higher without the demand.

    Yeah, those digital resources are amazing. I just love overdrive and one click digital for my audiobooks and ebooks!

    Great post ladies 🙂

  4. Gotta love the libraries. While I don’t utilize mine as much as I have in the past, I love all the classes and activities that offer from book clubs to navigating the lending libraries .