Audio Review & Giveaway: The Sinner by Amanda Stevens

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I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Audio Review & Giveaway: The Sinner by Amanda StevensThe Sinner by Amanda Stevens
Series: The Graveyard Queen #5
Narrator: Khristine Hvam
Published by Tantor Audio on September 27, 2016
Genres: Mystery, Paranormal, Suspense
Format: Audiobook
Length: 10 hours, 19 minutes
Source: the Publisher
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I am a living ghost, a wanderer in search of my purpose and place. I'm a cemetery restorer by trade, but my calling has evolved from that of ghost seer to death walker to detective of lost souls. I solve the riddles of the dead so the dead will leave me alone. I've come to Seven Gates Cemetery nursing a broken heart, but peace is hard to come by . . . for the ghosts here and for me. When the body of a young woman is discovered in a caged grave, I know that I've been summoned for a reason. Only I can unmask her killer. I want to trust the detective assigned to the case, for he is a ghost seer like me. But how can I put my faith in anyone when supernatural forces are manipulating my every thought? When reality is ever-changing? And when the one person I thought I could trust above all others has turned into a diabolical stranger?


It’s been almost a year since John Devlin walked away from Amelia Gray to see to his ailing grandfather and then cutoff all communication. Amelia is nursing a broken heart and has accepted a restoration assignment in Ascension, South Carolina to get her out of Charleston for a few months. One day while working in the Seven Gates Cemetery, she is “called” into the adjacent forest and discovers a circled of twelve mortsafes and sees a pair of hands gripping the grates. It’s the body of a young woman and it’s recent. Detective Lucien Kendrick is assigned to the case and he and Amelia have an immediate connection…one she’s not sure is kindred, lust or something else.


I’d never heard of a mortsafe before and while Amelia describes it very well, I needed a visual image. It’s not something you see very often so I’m including it for others who may be like me. It’s as awful as I imagined, especially if you’re buried alive in one.



If that’s not creepy enough, there are even more haunting and sinister things going on at the site and the house Amelia’s renting. This may be the creepiest of all the stories to date, maybe because Amelia was on her own and unsure of who she could trust. There are a fair amount of characters to be suspicious of and secretive societies to be wary of. Stevens outdoes herself this time with her ethereal descriptions and wonderful prose. In the same sentence, she can craft beauty and horror in a way that makes you visualize and feel the scenes. It’s just masterful.


I switched to the audio format for this series after the first book and could never, ever again just read these stories. Khristine Hvam is this series and is a perfect compliment to Stevens’ extraordinary writing. Her narration is seductive and sinister, heightening the tension, suspense and fear. I just love her performance.


The ending both surprised me and didn’t, if that makes any sense. There were things I expected to happen that did and things that made me gasp. I can hardly wait for the next and final story and have mixed feelings about it reaching an end. These stories have been wonderful and the series is one of most favorite.


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About Khristine Hvam

Khristine studied acting for the theater and film and soon discovered a love of voice over. You can hear her in various TV and Radio commercials, video games, animated series, and most notably in over 100 audio book titles. Khristine has been honored with several Audie nominations and in the summer of 2012 earned her first Audie Award in the fantasy category for her performance of Lani Taylor’s “Daughter of Smoke and Bone.” This year she is thrilled to announce three more Audie nominations!

“I sort of tripped and fell into the world of voice over and audio books and it’s been the best fall yet. I’ve discovered a real passion for this medium of acting, and consider myself very fortunate to be able to do it.” -K.Hvam

About Amanda Stevens

Amanda Stevens is the award-winning author of over fifty novels, including the modern gothic series, The Graveyard Queen. Her books have been described as eerie and atmospheric, “a new take on the classic ghost story.” Born and raised in the rural south, she now resides in Houston, Texas, where she enjoys binge-watching, bike riding and the occasional Horror Night with friends.

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14 responses to “Audio Review & Giveaway: The Sinner by Amanda Stevens

  1. I read the very first book in this series and had been meaning to continue as I loved Amelia career. So different and interesting. I definitely will have to get back on track and maybe I’ll try the audio for the estimate like you. I’ve been on an audiobook kick lately and since you like the narrator that makes it an easy pick for me.

    The Graveyard Queen name was what intrigues me when I picked up the first book. I had all kinds of thoughts about a woman spending all of her time in graveyards. I may have to revisit he first book again.

    • This is one of the best author/narrator combinations out there. I hope you’ll consider listening to the rest of the series, Chrystal, as it made a big difference in my reading experience.

  2. I’ve got to start this series. I even own book one on audio, but just haven’t bit the bullet yet. It will be the next series I start. I swear. I’ve got some review books that I have to get through first. I love this narrator. Great review and thanks for including the picture.

  3. Carol Wong

    Wow, never heard of a mortsafe before, going to look them up. Very, very creepy!

  4. Lauren

    Great review as always, Jonetta.
    I Loved the first three books in the series. Looking forward to continuing with it although I have The Visitor up first :0)

  5. Victoria Zumbrum

    I would love to listen to this series. It sounds really good and I love paranormal. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.