Thrifty Thursday: The Clue by Carolyn Wells

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Thrifty Thursday: The Clue by Carolyn WellsThe Clue by Carolyn Wells
Series: Fleming Stone #1
Published by Open Road on December 30, 2014
Genres: Mystery
Pages: 159
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
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Madeleine Van Norman is the most eligible young woman in the state, a beautiful young lady who is soon to come into her fortune. From her countless suitors, she makes a peculiar choice, agreeing to marry a stuffy man who loves someone else. On the eve of the wedding, Madeleine shuts herself away in a locked room to think about what she is about to do—and in the morning, she is found gruesomely murdered.

Every member of the household is a suspect, but no one understands how the killer could have slipped through the locked doors of Madeleine’s bedroom. As the town whirls into a tailspin of suspicion and fear, it falls to the brilliant detective Fleming Stone to pick out the person who stabbed Madeleine to death—a baffling mystery that hinges on the discovery of a single, all-important clue.



 The purpose of Thrifty Thursday is to read a book which was free (at some point).

Kindle freebie on April 2, 2017  (currently $0.99 as of writing this post)

Overall rating 3.53 with 184 ratings and 29 reviews


A classic mystery is a great change of pace for me. I enjoy the historical societal nuances and the writing style. The Clue was originally published in 1909. Life was certainly slower and simpler in this time period. Sadly, the roles of women were often defined by the men of their family or marriage.

There are 159 pages in this book and it seemed to take forever to read. I have to wonder if the pages are longer than normal length?

Anyway, I recognized the murderer and “the clue” almost right away. I couldn’t see how it was accomplished, though. It was interesting to follow the “detectives” working through the facts and different suspects. In this time, the lack of technology is paramount. The key is following the motives and locations of the suspects. I enjoyed the procedural process, conducting interviews and learning all the secrets of the suspects. Even though, women were stupidly portrayed. There were a few romantic touches.

I liked this quite well for what it is. This is apparently the first of 61 titles in the Fleming Stone series.  Fleming Stone doesn’t show up until the 75% mark, and has a very short part in the proceedings. It is the barest introduction to the character. I’d be interested to read more.


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