Excerpt from The Lost Vampire by Kate Baxter

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Excerpt from The Lost Vampire by Kate BaxterThe Lost Vampire by Kate Baxter
Series: Last True Vampire #5
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks on August 1st 2017
Genres: Paranormal Romance
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Soul mate--or tragic fate?

Once one of the oldest dhampirs in existence, Saeed now faces a treacherously uncertain future as a vampire. He believes that the only thing that can restore his position within his coven and tether his lost soul is the flame-haired fae who is destined to be his mate.

Cerys Bain is a soul thief. She is feared by those who dwell in the supernatural realm--and hopelessly bound to the ruthless mage Rinieri de Rege. The raw, sensual vampire who enters her world is both a threat and an intoxicating temptation: No one has ever made Cerys feel the way Saeed does. But to claim their fate as soulmates, Saeed must first find a way to free Cerys from Rin. Is their desire worth the risk of certain destruction--and eternal doom?

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Saeed rounded the kitchen island in the space of a heartbeat. The moment his arms went around her she melted against him, as though her entire body had released a sigh of relief. His mouth claimed hers and Saeed swallowed an indulgent moan. His cock hardened to stone, pressing uncomfortably against his jeans. The hot lust that coursed through him was undeniable. Only his mate could evoke such a response. He refused to believe otherwise.

Her hands reached behind him. One gripped the fabric of his shirt at his shoulder blade while the other dove into his hair. Cerys pressed her body tight against his, grinding her hips into the hard length of his erection. The urgency of her actions spurred Saeed on. His tongue thrust past her lips to taste the honeyed sweetness of her mouth and in the process, one fang nicked delicate skin.

Dear gods! The taste of her blood had no equal. Unable to resist himself, he took her full bottom lip between his teeth and bit down harder, opening four tiny punctures. He kissed her deeply, his tongue dancing against hers as her blood drove him into a frenzy.

“Saeed.” Her voice was a breathy murmur against his mouth. He’d longed to hear her say his name, infused with passion. With longing. With want. Instead, he heard nothing but quiet desperation. Pain. Loneliness. Unfulfilled need. “Please.” The plea speared into his heart like a stake. “Don’t stop.”

He had no intention of stopping. Of giving up his quest to make her unequivocally his. Saeed reached for the hem of her shirt and broke their kiss only long enough to pull the garment over her head. The faintest luster painted her skin, so much like the glitter of starlight he beheld in her light eyes. For a moment, Saeed could do nothing but stare. The swell of her petite breasts peeking out from the cups of her bra begged for his touch. She arched her back and pressed against him once again as though to offer her permission.

He craved her like a drug. And he feared he would never find satiation.

Saeed reached up and with the pads of his fingers, traced the outline of one swell. Cerys shuddered and chills broke out over her skin as her breath expanded her chest in quick bursts. He continued his unhurried exploration, his eyes trained on hers. From one breast, to the valley between them and then to the other. Along her delicate collarbone and over one shoulder. Down the length of her biceps to her forearm until his fingertips skimmed her palms and along her fingers. From there, he found the thick elastic waistband of her jeans and he ventured upward. The tight muscles in her torso twitched beneath his light touch. Her stomach clenched and the flesh there vibrated ever so slightly. His hands wrapped around her ribcage and slid upward to cup her breasts through the light fabric of her bra, bringing him back to his starting point. There was still more ground to cover, but Saeed was content to pace himself. Patience was vital lest he scare her away.

Convincing Cerys of their tether was a marathon, not a sprint.

Tears welled in Cerys’s eyes. Saeed paused, taken aback by her apparent distress. “You’re like a gourmet, five course meal,” she said with a rueful laugh. She swiped at her cheeks, brushing the tears away before they had a chance to even fall.

Her words were nonsensical, and yet they pierced his flesh like the sharpest of blades. It was too soon, too fast. “We should stop.”

“No.” She reached out and grabbed his hand, placing it to the left side of her chest. Her heart pounded. The wild rush beat against his fingertips and the sound of it echoed in his ears. “This is the most alive I’ve felt in centuries. I don’t want you to stop.”

Saeed had mourned the loss of his soul for mere months while Cerys had been without hers for hundreds of years. He was ashamed of his own selfishness, his own desperate urge to feel complete when she’d gone so long without. His hand wandered from her chest back to her breast. He brushed the pad of his thumb over the hardened point of her nipple and Cerys’s lids drooped. Tonight, he would make her feel. He would give her pleasure, and nothing else.

He put his mouth to hers once again. Saeed kissed her slowly. Methodically. Every slight movement, the angle of his mouth against hers, every flick of his tongue and nip of his teeth precisely placed. He wound his left hand in the length of her fiery red hair as he abandoned her mouth to kiss along her jaw line. His lips found the soft skin at her throat and though he yearned to pierce the flesh there to drink deeply from her vein, Saeed held himself in check. He denied himself the pleasure of her blood in order to focus all of his attention on her.

His right hand abandoned her breast. His fingertips wandered back down her torso to the waistband of her jeans. His fingers dipped inside and Cerys drew in a sharp breath as he ventured further across her abdomen and past the boundary of her underwear. He loosened the button and pulled down her zipper to allow his wandering touch access to the soft flesh of her sex. His fingers slid across the silken folds, hot, wet, and eager for his touch. Cerys let out a low indulgent moan that further hardened Saeed’s cock and caused it to throb painfully against his fly. He would find no relief tonight, but he’d be damned if Cerys went another minute without.

He found the tight knot of nerves at her core and lightly circled his fingertip over the surface. Cerys’s grip on him tightened as her body went rigid. She pressed her cheek against his, and her quick, hot breaths tickled the outer shell of his ear. Such fire. Such unabashed passion. Saeed wasn’t content to stand in the middle of the kitchen with his hand thrust down her pants. He wanted her bare, laid naked before him, so he could worship her the way she deserved.

She let out a frustrated cry as he pulled away. Saeed scooped her up in his arms and crossed to the living room in four wide steps. He deposited her into the overstuffed chair that he’d earlier settled himself into as he’d watched her. He bent over her and grabbed her boots to pull them off. The hollow thump of each one hitting the floor mingled with her racing breaths as he unhooked the clasp of her bra, whisking the garment away from her and depositing it somewhere beside the boots. He took a moment to admire the beauty of her breasts. Just full enough to mold to his palms, high and pert, with tiny pink beaded nipples that begged to be sucked. Pale and lustrous like pearls.

The dry fire of his thirst reignited and his fangs throbbed in his gums. He wanted to bite. To suck. To glut himself on her until he was so exhausted that he had no choice but to succumb to daytime sleep. Later. There would be time enough to satisfy his lusts. And he was anxious to taste more than just her blood.

Saeed went to his knees before her as though in worship. The intensity of her gaze as she watched him stole his breath and caused his pulse to race. He gripped the waistband of her pants and hooked his fingers into her underwear as he dragged them both down her thighs. She lifted her legs to help rid herself of the garments and a growl built in Saeed’s chest as he got a glimpse of the delicate, glistening flesh of her pussy.


Her feet came back down to rest on the floor and Saeed reached between her thighs, gently urging them to part. Her mouth went slack as she let out a breath and her fingers gripped the armrests of the chair. He didn’t waste another second and buried his face between her legs. His tongue flicked out and Saeed’s eyes drifted shut. She was everything he’d hoped for and more.


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Kate Baxter is the author of the Last True Vampire series. She’s a die-hard romantic with a thing for Shakespeare. She lives in the great northwest where she hides away to write about all things fanged, furry, and undead.

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