Romp Scenes Burns Calories! with Shelly Bell

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Romp Scenes Burns Calories! with Shelly BellAt His Mercy by Shelly Bell
Series: Forbidden Lovers #1
Published by Forever on June 20th 2017
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Angel in his arms . . . Devil at her heels

One last, no-strings night of indulgence. That's all Tristan wants before he begins a much-needed new chapter in his life. Instead he finds an innocent angel in pink who brings him to his knees.

Isabella is done hiding from the world . . . and her haunting memories. Discovering courage in the arms of a perfect stranger, she finally lets go and sheds her inhibitions.

To Isabella's shock, she soon learns that Tristan is more than her mystery man-he's her professor. But Tristan isn't the only person who's found Isabella on campus. A dark figure from her past has come back for her. Now Tristan will risk anything to protect Isabella . . . even if it costs him his life.



I write erotic suspense, so I love both sex and actions scenes. They both make the heart race a bit faster. Both spur the imagination. Both help to empower the women who read them. But in a competition between the two, Team Romp easily wins! Here’s why:


  1. Erotic romance helps women escape from their everyday life roles to connect with their sexual selves. This aids in…
  2.  Sexual communication with their partners. Which leads to…
  3. Creativity in the bedroom.
  4. Plus, studies have shown that reading erotic romance will increase sexual desire and overall sexual function in women. In fact, women who read it have 74% more sex. And sex leads to orgasms…
  5. Orgasms reduce stress, relieve pain, improve memory, and BURNS CALORIES!


Which means reading sex scenes leads to weight loss! TEAM ROMP wins!


And AT HIS MERCY, the first book in my Forbidden Lovers series, has plenty of sex scenes to help jump start your erotic romance reading journey to weight loss.




“I’m sorry,” Isabella said softly, peering up at him “I didn’t mean to snap at you.”

Tristan inhaled sharply, his nostrils flaring, and although she didn’t think it possible, his eyes darkened even further. Then, as if coming out of a fog, he blinked repeatedly and pasted on a smile. “It’s okay.” He smiled and playfully tugged on the ends of her hair, his knuckles grazing the exposed skin of her collarbone. “If you can’t snap at your professor, Angel, who can you snap at?”

She gasped and shivered at the contact.

He’d called her Angel.

The smile melted from his face, and as he moved closer, he swallowed convulsively.

She wasn’t the only one fighting the attraction.

With a long buzz and one final flicker, the lamppost’s light died, blanketing them in the darkness.

A soft breeze curled around them. Neither one of them moved. Her pulse went haywire as she felt that electric current between them growing stronger and stronger.

Under the pitch-black cover of night, she found the courage to admit the truth. “We both know you’re more than my professor,” she whispered.

He brought his hand to her cheek, cradling it in his palm and his thumb caressing the skin near her lips. “What happened between us last week was more than fucking for me,” Tristan said gruffly. “I haven’t been able to get you off my mind since that morning. When I saw you sitting there in my classroom, I thought it was my imagination. It took me a moment to process that you were really there.”

Her heart was beating so loudly, she wondered if he could hear it. “I know the feeling.”

Hot breath fanned her face, and although she could barely see anything, she shut her eyes as his mouth gently pressed against hers. She sighed, surrendering to it, knowing the moment would end too soon, and threw her arms around his neck, her fingers delving into his thick hair.

It was as if her actions had flicked a switch within him. Hand on her lower back, he pushed her closer, growling into her mouth and kissing her more aggressively. His tongue darted inside and stroked hers in a wicked dance in which he led and she followed.

He tasted like one of her desserts, sweet with a tinge of spicy underneath.

But there was nothing sweet about this kiss or what his hand was doing to her breast. He squeezed it hard, giving her that bite of pain he knew she liked, while he brushed his thumb back and forth over her nipple.

This was crazy, kissing out here in the open when it was forbidden. The danger of being caught somehow made it even hotter. During their night together, he’d shown she could trust him, and she trusted him just as much now. Maybe even more because he was no longer a stranger, her one-night stand.

What were the odds that they’d meet at a party twelve hours away and end up here at Edison University where she’d be his student and assistant? That had to mean something, right?

Something like…destiny.



About Shelly Bell

A sucker for a happy ending, Shelly Bell writes erotic suspense and action-filled erotic thrillers with high-emotional stakes for her alpha heroes and kick-ass heroines.

She began writing upon the insistence of her husband who dragged her to the store and bought her a laptop. When she’s not working her day job, taking care of her family, or writing, you’ll find her reading the latest smutty romance.

She is the author of the BENEDICTION and FORBIDDEN LOVERS series.

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  1. Hahahaha! I’m loving that reasoning! Yes, reading erotica leads to weight loss, which means every erotica book purchase is actually a health purchase 🙂 Love!