Sexy Excerpt from Origin, book two in Ana Jolene Glory MC series

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Thank you to Jennifer for inviting me to join Team Romp! As an enthusiastic Romance reader and author, there’s no question that I would proudly represent this team. While I do love a good action scene in my novels, there’s no competition when it comes to the sexy times.


Lucky and Seven, the hero and heroine of my second novel, ORIGIN, are no strangers to fighting. In fact, fighting and bickering is often their foreplayemphasis on the word foreplay —which means that the big, main event is always the hot sex! The only action that matters are the ones between the sheets. Or, as in the case of ORIGIN, the floor and a table make good places too!


You get the blood-pumping, full body contact of a good fight, including the sweating and the pounding, just without the bruises or missing teeth! Plus, I think cuddles as aftercare beats painkillers any day! So if you like a good orgasmor three!Vote for Team Romp!


Read below for a steamy snippet from ORIGIN, book two in my Glory MC series!


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One drunken kiss ignites an inferno of burning desire. Sworn enemies, Lucky Winters and Seven Douglass struggle to forget the kiss that shouldn’t have happened. Then Lucky’s past comes back to bite him and he suddenly disappears for months, leaving Seven wondering where they both stand.


When Lucky returns, he is a changed man and his prolonged absence means he must once again prove himself to the club he’s sworn his life to. Except Lucky can’t seem to shake off the recent events as much as he wants to.


Seven is no stranger to this feeling. Her own mysterious past threatens to disrupt her future and when neither of them are able to stop the ghosts of their pasts from resurfacing, the only person they can turn to is each other. Suddenly, hatred morphs into love. And where there is fire and ice, there’s bound to be some steam . . .


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The mouth on Seven was going to kill me. I thought the insults she spat like bullets would do me in first, but I didn’t know her blowjobs would send me straight to hell.

Or heaven, depending on how you thought about it.

Seven lay on my bed, her legs spread, her red panties blocking the view that would make me gun down an army just to see. Her huge tits, completely natural, created curves that I desperately wanted to explore with my hands, with my tongue. My cock was already hardening again, insatiable with its need for her. “Tell me now if you want to stop because I don’t think I can if I touch you again.”

“That was fast,” she said with a little bit of awe as her eyes dropped to where I gripped myself.

“Yeah, well. You’re hot as fuck.”

“What are you waiting for then?” Seven hooked her thumbs in her panties and began to tug them down. She glistened with need, already primed just as I had suspected. It had to be the hottest thing I had ever seen in my entire life.

When I tore my gaze from her core and looked up to gauge her expression, Seven wasn’t looking at me but rather my cock. I barely suppressed a groan. “You’re gonna kill me looking at me like that.”

“I want it in my mouth again,” she said, eyes darting up to meet mine.

Holy shit. “Be careful, baby. My cock could get used to that.”

“I don’t care.” She reached up, clasping her hands over mine where they gripped my aching cock. “I like the taste of you.”

God, she really was going to kill me tonight! “Are you sure you want this?”


“No teeth though.”

Lush lips pressed at the base of my erection. “Don’t like a little pain with your blowjobs?”

“No. You torture me enough as it is. Come here.” Gripping her hips, I turned her towards me. Seven never once stopped her ministrations, continuing to lick me like a hungry kitten as I positioned her legs on either side of my shoulders.

With her pussy within easy reach, I dove in like a man possessed, licking until her head snapped up and she let out a harsh cry. I knew she was close when her legs started to wobble, so I pushed it some more, using my tongue to fuck her until I added a finger into the mix, enjoying her mewling cries around my cock.

Her head snapped up. “Oh God, Lucky!” Her pussy convulsed as she came hard. Her entire body was into it, shaking and tightening. Then Seven slumped like a dead carcass on the bed. “You didn’t come,” she breathed to the ceiling, chest still heaving from the intense orgasm.

I stifled a smile as I propped myself up on a forearm to look at her. “No, but you did,” I said smugly. Her leg shot out to kick me. “Ow!”

Seven lifted her head just enough to look at me, the promise falling easily from her wet lips. “The next time I suck you off you’re going to come so hard, you’ll forget all about the other women you’ve ever fucked.”

“You’re welcome to try again,” I said, but the heat in her eyes and the promise of passion was enough to erase the nameless faces of my past.

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Book three in the Glory MC series

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Tansy Bonheur survived the worst treatment a human being could be subjected to. After being rescued from the decaying, rat-infested cell she was caged in, Tansy hopes that this will be the end of her suffering. But a quick turn of events makes her realize that her reoccurring nightmares are the least of her problems.


Kittredge Calliope fell in love with Tansy the first moment he set his eyes on her. Unfortunately for him, Tansy recoils every time he tries to speak to her. When an attack on one of Glory MC’s members forces the club to evacuate the clubhouse, Kitt must get Tansy to safety. But not even being in the embrace of Glory MC’s sergeant at arms can protect Tansy from the people out to get her.


In this dangerous, ruthless world, will their newfound love be enough to bring a hardened warrior to his knees and turn a timid beauty into the fighter she needs to be?


An eBook of GLORY, the first book in the Glory MC series!


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Coming Soon my series review of all three books in the

Glory MC series by Ana Jolene


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