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**I was approached by Audible to try the package for free for 3 months.**


I’ve been using Audible’s Romance Package for about 2 months now, the first month was the free trail offered to everyone. Mid way through that month I was contacted by Audible to try the package for 3 months. I took them up on it because I felt like I needed more than a month to see if it was a package I would use.

I have a Gold Membership (12 months credits at one time) so if I were to continue the package after my free trial it would only cost me $6.95 a month.  (It’s $14.95 if you’re not a member)

My thoughts so far:


  • Cheap way to discover new narrators/authors.
  • 10 books at a time line is not a problem (after all you can only listen to one book at a time, right?).
  • It is easy to return title from the mobile app.
  • You can review the titles that you borrow (you need to do it BEFORE you return the title or you lost the capability).
  • You can cancel at any time, so if you’re not getting enough use out of it you’re not wasting money.
  • The purple R in the cover of the covers makes it easy to see titles when you’re searching.


  • Can’t check books out from the mobile app. Not horrible but if you’re on the go and don’t have access to a computer then it could be a problem.
  • Search feature really sucks. They do have categories like: character types, story themes, steamiest, etc. But you don’t get a big picture of what titles are available. I’ve learned to just search for authors/narrators I’m interested it in.
  • Not all romance sub genres are equal. It appears that contemporary romance has the biggest selection (that I’ve found).
  • The steamy level should be taken as a suggestion. I’ve found what they label “hot damn” is more like simmering (at least for me)




For the most part the package is a nice supplement for romance listeners. Instead of using your full price credits on titles you can get through the program is a great way to budget those credits on other titles not available or in different genres.

This package is also great for people who do not have access to a great public library system. I’m lucky that my main library source as a huge audiobook catalog but sometimes they are limited in the way of not having all the books in a series. I’ve found a few titles so far through the Audible Romance package I could not get through the library.



If you are a big fan of the romance genre on audio and you listen to at least 10 audiobooks a month this package could save you some serious money. Even if you don’t have a membership through Audible, $14.95 a month for 10 titles (or more!) is a cheap deal. Come on that’s less than $2 per audiobook.

I highly recommend this package for romance lovers. After all you can cancel at anytime. Give it a go for the free trail for 30 days and see if it’s for you.


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5 responses to “Audible Romance Package

  1. Great breakdown, Jennifer. I’ve been debating about trying this. I do have an Audible membership (annual gold). Right now, I’m getting so many books from publishers for review and from my library, that I’m not using my Audible membership as much as I used to. Sucks that you have to review the book before you return it.

  2. So if you are already a member and pay 14.95 already, you have to pay an extra 6.95 for this package? I mean I guess if you’re a die hard romance listener that might be cool but I would think the 14.95 would be expensive enough though I only get one book a month. Wish they had a mystery package, then I might think it was a good deal…lol. 🙂

    • Personally I think paying $14.95 a month for ONE book is too much that’s why I do the annual 12 credits at once. The price for each book is about the price of a paperback. I wonder if the romance package is a hit if they will do more genre packages.

  3. Great post. I broke down and bought a membership to Audible and then I deiced why not try this Romance Package. So far I like both. I save my credit for those I really really want to have (Kate and Mercy ^_^).
    I do first check my library to see if they have the title I want to listen to and if not then I go to Audible and take a look, if it’s in the RP I get it. I do agree they don’t take it easy to search for those titles in the Package. You have to just search for an another or series you are looking for. That’s how I ended up doing it too. I would like an easier search maybe a page dedicated to those titles in RP.

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