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Stomp Vs Romp: Results and Winners

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This year’s Stomp vs Romp was even better than last year’s throw down.  It was fun adding bloggers into the mix this year. Both authors and bloggers did TEAM STOMP proud. I’d like to thank everyone who participated and made the event so much fun! There was some returning authors and new ones and even a few that we made switch sides this time around. (Got to keep those authors on their toes. LOL) I hope everyone had fun reading the posts from both TEAM STOMP and TEAM ROMP and that you’ll join Rabid Reads and I in 2014 for our third year of Stomp vs Romp!  Since Carmel whined so much about leading ROMP I’m going to take mercy on her and let her have STOMP back next year. I’ll have to think of a new way to torture her in 2014. (Rubs hands together while laughing evilly.)

Ok like the post title says here it the results of the voting poll.



As you can see it was pretty much a tie again this year. No matter how much we push for STOMP or ROMP you guys like both ass kicking and ass…. well sweaty times all around. And many of you like them together (I know I do).


Now to the important part…. the winners. (All winners have been emailed)


Claimed  Winner Prize
         Marcela       2 Credits (from
   Aimee   6 Month Membership (from
            Rachel   Sandman Slim (paperback from The Book Nympho)
        √    Vivien   Terminated (paperback from Rachel Caine)
          Amber    A Blood Seduction (paperback from Pamela Palmer)
           Susan   Candy and Pamela Palmer bookmarks (from The Book Nympho)       
           Margaret   Arcadia Series (from Jenn Bennett)
         Tara   Heart of Venom (from Jennifer Estep)
            Barbara    Midnight Frost (from Jennifer Estep
   Maria   Elemental Assassin bookmarks
        √    Victoria   Mythos Academy bookmarks
            Susan   Eye of the Tempest & Tempest’s Fury (from The Book Nympho)  
            Jen   Books/eBooks (from The Book Nympho)
            Heather   Books/eBooks (from The Book Nympho)

 Make sure you check out Carmel’s TEAM ROMP WINNERS.


The Last Stomp From Your Team Captain

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The Last Stomp From Your Team Captain

All month long you’ve heard from the members of TEAM STOMP, both authors and bloggers alike. They’ve talked about their books or their favorite book/characters that can put the STOMP on their enemies. And yes many of the STOMPERS do enjoy a little somethin’ somethin’ from the romp side. After all, all that STOMPING gets the heart rate up and makes you glad you’re still alive so why not celebrate a great STOMP with a romp afterwards. But there are only so many ways to get creative with the romping. It takes a truly masterful heroine or hero to keep the STOMPING creative. So I’d like to leave you with some of my favorite ways that my favorite stomper takes down the bad guys. Ms. Gin Blanco from Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series. Oh sure Gin excels at using her 5 point arsenal of silverstone knives but they are certainly not […]

Talking Male Stomp POV | Jocelynn Drake

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Talking Male Stomp POV  | Jocelynn Drake

Help me welcome the very talented Jocelynn Drake to The Book Nympho and TEAM STOMP.   With so many kick ass heroines in Urban Fantasy what made you want to tell a story through a guy’s POV? When I was preparing to close the Dark Days series, which focuses on the vampire Mira, I knew that I wanted to make the Asylum Tales series as different as possible, and one of the easiest ways to accomplish that was to tell the stories from a guy’s point of view.  I had gotten a taste of it in writing PRAY FOR DAWN from Danaus’s point of view and I’d had a lot of fun with it.  By telling the series from a guy’s point of view, it was also way of getting the series to stand apart from others in the urban fantasy genre.  Let’s face it.  Women have been kicking butt […]

The Better Half of Urban Fantasy Reading…

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The Better Half of Urban Fantasy Reading…

STOMP – The better half of Urban Fantasy Reading… by Jen at That’s What I’m Talking About   When I first picked up reading/ reviewing about four years ago, I started with PNR… Paranormal Romance. I loved the happy endings and well, yes… the smex! However, as time went on, I had the opportunity to meet readers and bloggers (tweeps), plus authors as well, who began recommending books in a new-to-me category: Urban Fantasy. My first UF series (and still my number one favorite) was the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. Fast forward to today and I will gladly tell you that I prefer a good UF book over PNR any day (with a few exceptions for favorite authors)!   Why Urban Fantasy?! The number one reason I love UF is the strong heroine protagonist found at the center of most current UF books and series. Kate. Gin. Jessica. Charley. Kit. […]

Nicole Peeler Talks About Stomping… I Think

Nicole Peeler Talks About Stomping… I Think

    Guys, I’m not going to lie. Y’all have me batting for the wrong team. Let’s face it. Jane (and her author) are definitely more rompers than stompers. I’ve never stomped anyone in my life, but I have definitely done my fair share of the rompings. Don’t tell my mom. But I write urban fantasy, not romance! So I inevitably have to write the stompings. Annnnnnd it’s inevitably a disaster, leaving me dependent upon good friends and a great editor to get me through. Oh, and the internets. That said, I was asked to write about writing about stomp, so here’s my patented method of Writing The Stomps: First, assiduously avoid it. Look back at Jane’s fight scenes from the first few books. She almost never does anything remotely stompy. She just describes other people doing stuff, and describes them badly at that. But it’s okay! Cuz she’s not […]

How A Stomp Resume Should Look | Cassie Alexander

How A Stomp Resume Should Look | Cassie Alexander

Edie Spence’s Overly Honest and Slightly Sarcastic Resume   Edie Spence 222 Willow Glen #3 Port Cavell, OH Objective: To find a home at a hospital where I can further my career goals and education while not getting killed, maimed, eaten, or threatened. (Threatening’s okay actually, it’s the follow through that I’d like to stop.) I would prefer not to deal with vampires or their servants anymore and only see were-creatures, shapeshifters, and zombies in a limited professional capacity. I have ACLS, PALS, and BLS certifications, and am working on my CCRN.   Experience: 2008-2011 Bachelor of Nursing Degree from Clara Barton University Received BSN from the best nursing school in the state, maintaining a 3.8 average. Was involved in Clara Barton’s prestigious mentorship program, where I precepted with ICU level nurses from Highland Hospital on their medical ICU floor for 120 hours. (Their recommendations are attached.)   2011 – […]

Kick Ass Vampires | The Bookaholic Cat

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Kick Ass Vampires | The Bookaholic Cat

  What’s Better… A Sexy Vampire or A Kick Ass Vampire? A kick Ass Vampire of Course!   I feel like I should apologize to Julie before starting this post because there is not way that she’s going to win this one. Who will prefer to have a sex toy vampire than a super kick ass protector vampire? Nobody, that’s who. To prove my point here are my reasons Why A Kick Ass Vampire is better than a sex toy vampire. First and foremost we all know that a vampire on your side can save your life, a vampire on top of you can end your life. We all know that when a vampire is on top of you, you usually end up being the dinner. When a vampire is kicking ass he will have an open buffet of baddies and you will be out of the menu. So what […]

Stomping with Jennifer Estep

Stomping with Jennifer Estep

Today in the Stomp corner we have the author of  not one but two urban fantasy series, Elemental Assassin and Mythos Academy (YA), Ms. Jennifer Estep. Welcome to back to The Book Nympho! It’s always a pleasure to have you. Thanks for hosting me on your blog again. I really appreciate it. You have created two great worlds in your series. And you heroines are both kick ass in their own ways. I’ve notice a few similarities between Gin and Gwen, like their names, weapons and the towns they live in. They both even share similar family history in the fact that their mothers were murdered. Where these similarities planned? Not really. I like to write books with a little bit of  everything in them – strong heroines, magic, lots of action, some romance – so those things tend to appear in many of my books. Plus, a tragic family […]