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The Better Half of Urban Fantasy Reading…

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STOMP – The better half of Urban Fantasy Reading…

by Jen at That’s What I’m Talking About  

When I first picked up reading/ reviewing about four years ago, I started with PNR… Paranormal Romance. I loved the happy endings and well, yes… the smex! However, as time went on, I had the opportunity to meet readers and bloggers (tweeps), plus authors as well, who began recommending books in a new-to-me category: Urban Fantasy.

My first UF series (and still my number one favorite) was the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. Fast forward to today and I will gladly tell you that I prefer a good UF book over PNR any day (with a few exceptions for favorite authors)!  

Why Urban Fantasy?!

The number one reason I love UF is the strong heroine protagonist found at the center of most current UF books and series. Kate. Gin. Jessica. Charley. Kit. Mercy. Kat. They only need one name to be recognized. These woman can kick butt and take names, but they are also compassionate and loving. They are loyal, fierce, and independent, but (usually) they know when to ask for help. They may be “simple humans” or something more — but they work hard and fight for what is right.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of smut, but in UF, the action (STOMP) is an extension of the character’s emotions, and a powerfully emotional book is what makes reading so wonderful.

Think about Kate (Daniels)… she has fought and overcome so many obstacles in her life. She is aggressive and at times even savage when it comes to defending her family. Her actions are a direct result of her powerful emotions and loyalty. She will do whatever it takes, and this makes the book so complete. Even those around her provide meaningful action which help develop complete scenes — how many times has Kate fought alongside Curran, Andrea, Derek and others?

The action may be intense and exciting — which in and of itself is wonderful — but it paints a picture and generates a plethora of powerful feelings; therefore making the story so much more than a happy ending.  


What do you think?

Do you agree with me?

STOMP is what makes Urban Fantasy simply sublime. 





Jen is an engineer and urban planner by degrees, who is mostly a Stay-At-Home-Mom. Currently, she works part-time as a planner for a small non-profit now that both kids are in school. Her primary passions, other than her two adorable children, are reading and blogging. She started her blog, That’s What I’m Talking About, in January, 2010. Originally it was going to be a place for random thoughts, but it quickly evolved into a book review site. Over the past couple years she’s added six additional teammates to her review team. While Jen primarily reads and reviews paranormal romance and urban fantasy, her blog covers the whole gambit of romance genres and even a few other genres tossed in. Joining her on her journey are her two children, husband, and their two cats. They currently reside in the New England region of the United States.




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