Review: Scent of a White Rose by Tish Thawer

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Scent of a White Rose by Tish Thawer (The Rose Trilogy #1)Published December 26th 2011 by Tish ThawerParanormal RomanceRATING:★★★★ A vampire’s love… An innocent’s guilt… A secret no one could’ve imagined… A paranormal romance that entices with a heroine that isn’t quite what she seems, a vampire who’s love story is filled with dark surprises, and a vampire clan who’s Sire has lost the ability to inflict “the change”. REVIEW:Tish Thawer’s debut novel, Scent of a White Rose, is a great mix of romance and mystery. You have a love story between Rose, a twenty year old college student and Christian, a 602 year old vampire. Yes we’ve read this love story a thousand times but this one has twist to it. The vampires in this book […]

Review: Bound to the Prince by Deborah Court

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Bound to the Prince by Deborah CourtElven Warrior Trilogy #1Paranormal RomancePublisher: Deborah Court, via SmashwordsPublication date: 8/19/2011Format: eBookFile size: 745 KBRATING:★★★★ An elven prince without a throne. A mortal woman without hope, stolen from her own world to fulfill his every desire. A choice of love and death that could bind them together forever. REVIEW: Bound to the Prince is like Lord of the Rings meets Debbie Does Dallas, but in a good way. Bound to the Prince is a mish-mash of creatures from elves, trolls, demons, nymphs to gargoyles. And the scenery, Court does an amazing job of detailing the surround world and creatures that I felt like I was watching an epic movie on an IMAX screen in my head while I was reading. […]

Review: Home for the Holidays by Jeanine Frost

Review: Home for the Holidays by Jeanine Frost

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Cat and Bones along with most of the gang are celebrating Bones’ birthday in this short story when something goes wrong. Like an attack on Annette and a long lost family member shows up. I loved this short so much more than the last full length novel, One Grave at a Time. We Cat and Ian working together to save the rest of the gang which was just a hoot. He unzipped his pants and tugged them down. I whirled just in time, barking, “I don’t care what you think, your junk does not have special abilities. And I already heard about the piercing,” over my shoulder. Not much can be said without spoilers but just know that fans of Frost’s Night Huntress series MUST read […]

REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: Dante’s Diary: Vampire Lore and More

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Dante’s Diary: Vampire Lore and Moreby Andrea Dean Van ScoyocPublished June 10th 2011 by Sunbury Press, Inc. RATING: ★★1/2 Ivana Morriander has lived life to its fullest. She has seen and done things that most people could only imagine doing. To the unsuspecting person she is beautiful, smart and taking each day by the hand to enjoy all it has to offer. But, “life,” when describing Ivana, is an interesting oxymoron; Ivana is not alive and hasn’t been for a very long time. A woman with everything, she freely mingles with humans – as one of them – and enjoys their company, preferring to leave what she is and the baleful tale of how she came to be, within the pages of her beloved diary. One […]

Review: Secret Santa by Sierra Dean

Review: Secret Santa by Sierra Dean

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Secret Santa is a great Novella in the Secret McQueen series by Sierra Dean. It’s fast paced with mystery, action and a touch of naughty with some holiday cheer. Secret is getting use to her new job title that she earned at the end of A Bloody Good Secret. Secret’s work and personal life is never easy and with the events in Secret Santa we get to see that her future in the love department is not going to get any easier anytime soon! I won’t go into much details so that I don’t give away any spoilers but I can tell you that Secret McQueen is in my top 5 favorite Urban Fantasy series and Ms. Dean is in my top 10 favorite authors. If […]

Review: A Bloody Good Secret by Sierra Dean

Review: A Bloody Good Secret by Sierra Dean

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A Bloody Good Secret picks up approximately three months after Something Secret This Way Comes. We find Secret has been living with her Grandmere for those three months, leaving her work and personal lives “on hold”. I won’t go into too many details so that I don’t give away any spoilers from the end of SSTWC. But Secret ran away from her life in NYC in part because of the assignment that the Vampire Council gave her. After Secret makes her return home from her “holiday”; we get more ass kicking action while she tries to solve the mystery behind the order from the council. While Secret was away her love life has only gotten more complex. Where in book one it looked like there […]

REVIEW: Caught by Cassandra Carr

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Caught By Cassandra CarrebookPublication: December 13th 2011 by Loose IdRATING:  When Callie returns to her hometown for the holidays, she comes face to face with her old lover and Dominant Jack. Jack still wants her, and she finds herself wanting to submit to him from the first time Jack touches her. But as he draws her deeper and deeper into his world once again, will she lose her heart too? REVIEW: Caught is a nice holiday themed slap and tickle read, HEAVY on the slap. Callie goes to a holiday party to see some old college buddies and is surprised to see her old flame, Jack. Jack is just as surprised to see her at the party as well. One thing leads to another and […]

Author Interview + Giveaway: Jeanette Grey

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First, I’d like to thank you for contacting The Book Nympho for a review requests and taking the time to answer a few questions about the world you built in Unacceptable Risk. Thanks so much for having me! I’m not great with name pronunciation, so when I run across an unfamiliar name I’ll ask my husband how he would pronounce it. He usually shakes his head while telling me and then comments on how the names in the books I read are made up and silly (yeah, like the names in the Lord of the Rings books aren’t silly).  How did you come up with Plix? You know, I wish I knew!  When I was first playing with the idea of a cyberpunk story, the […]