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To the Brink by Cindy Gerard

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To the Brink by Cindy GerardTo the Brink by Cindy Gerard
Series: The Bodyguards #3
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks on April 1, 2007
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 352
Format: eBook
Source: Library
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Working on highly sensitive diplomatic affairs, Darcy Prescott is a natural target for terrorist kidnappers. But when she's mysteriously plucked off a street in Manila one sultry night, Darcy's disappearance isn't what it seems…

The moment Special Forces soldier Ethan Garrett laid eyes on Darcy, he knew she was the woman he would marry—and he did. But when their marriage fell apart, Ethan never really recovered. Now a highly paid bodyguard, Ethan quickly slips back into combat mode when he learns of Darcy's disappearance and calls in old favors to assemble a rogue rescue team….

Tracking Darcy all the way to the jungles of the Philippines, Ethan knows every move he makes could mean the difference between life and death. His love for Darcy burns stronger than ever. But when he learns the true reason for her abduction, it may be too late to save her—or himself…


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Darcy Prescott works for the State Department and is currently assigned to the embassy in Manila. When she realizes on a trip to Zamboanga City that the co-worker who slipped her a package before she left is now dead, she gets that she’s now in trouble once she reads the contents. Darcy reaches out and leaves a message with her ex-husband, Ethan Garrett, a former Special Forces officer. By the time he gets it, she’s already missing.

My complaint about this series to date was it’s been more romance than suspense. This story shifted that balance significantly. From the first chapter, this was non-stop tension and action. Ethan’s covert operation to rescue her was downright exciting and well researched. I felt I was in that jungle, definitely not somewhere I wanted to be.

I loved everything about this story, especially how the author expertly transitioned between past and present to offer insight about Darcy and Ethan’s past relationship and what led to their divorce. I literally couldn’t put this book down. It was frightening and chilling stuff.

About Cindy Gerard

Cindy Gerard began writing category romance novels with Bantam’s Loveswept line and Silhouette Desire before trying her hand at writing single title romantic suspense action novels. Gerard’s risk took off with her hugely successful series, The Bodyguards, about the men and women of E.D.E.N Securities, Inc.

Her other series, Black Ops Inc., has been on the New York Times Best Seller list multiple times. The fifth book in the series, Risk No Secrets, won the Readers Crown award for Best Romantic Suspense in 2011. Gerard’s latest in the Black Ops Inc. series, Last Man Standing, was released in January 2012 and hit #14 on the New York Times Best Seller List, #11 on Publisher’s Weekly, and #36 on USA Today. She is a passionate animal-rights advocate and loves to travel.

Cindy Gerard has won the 2003 RITA Award for Best Romantic Suspense novel for Taming the Outlaw. She is the author of the bestselling Black Ops. Inc, series, the bestselling Bodyguards series, and more than thirty contemporary romance novels. She lives in the Midwest with her husband.

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