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Audio Review: Lost Souls by Delilah Devlin

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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Audio Review: Lost Souls by Delilah DevlinLost Souls by Delilah Devlin
Series: Caitlyn O’Connell #2
Narrator: Natalie Ross
Published by Brilliance Audio on 06-25-13
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: Audiobook
Length: 7 hrs and 37 mins

Fan favorite Delilah Devlin delivers her second paranormal romantic thriller featuring unforgettable heroine, Caitlyn O?Connell. This time, the psychic PI joins her police detective ex-husband to find a demon pulling women into the past to commit their murders in a seedy Memphis hotel. Private Investigator Caitlyn O?Connell is tapped by Memphis PD to discover who has been using a Memphis hotel as his killing ground. Women are going missing, and their bodies are found inside the walls of the hotel. But the bodies themselves? They appear to have been murdered in the distant past. With ghosthunters and cops crawling all over the crime scene, Cait and her detective ex-husband Sam Pierce race to find the demon responsible before he kills again.


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First Thought:

Just like the debut book, Shattered Souls, Devlin gives us a healthy balance of romance, mystery/suspense and HOT sex scenes within the plot of Lost Souls.

The Story:

Where Shattered Souls was about world building and the woo woo of the supernatural element this time around we get more of an emotional rollercoaster between Cait and Sam’s thoughts on where their relationship is and where they both want it to be.

Cait and her P.I. partner, Jason has taken on a straightforward case where they are tailing a cheating wife. They follow her to the hotel and that’s where everything changes.  The cheating wife is murdered and that leaves Cait wondering if the husband had a hand in it. So now the police are involved and that means she is working the case with Sam.

One thing leads to another and Cait figures out the person involved in some missing women cases and the cheating wife’s murder is one in the same. A demon but he’s not alone, he has an incubus working for him to get the women to the hotel so he can feed on them.

Cait and Sam work their detective skills on the case while working each other in the bedroom.

There was a part in Lost Souls where Devlin had me worried but she makes it all better in very convicting manner that works with the plot and has me thinking I should have seen that coming. Brilliant!


The Narration:

Again Natalie Ross knocks the narration out of the park, she has Cait down to a science and the male voices are just as entertaining. I’m a little sad to learn from Delvin that the series is moving to self-pub so we may not get the rest of the series on audio.


Final Thought:

Whether I read or listen, can’t wait to see what’s next for Cait and Sam.







Audio Review: Shattered Souls by Delilah Devlin

Audio Review: Shattered Souls by Delilah Devlin

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