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New series! Death and Relaxation by Devon Monk

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

New series!  Death and Relaxation by Devon MonkDeath and Relaxation by Devon Monk
Series: Ordinary Magic #1
Published by Odd House Press on June 17, 2016
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 300
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Police Chief Delaney Reed can handle the Valkyries, werewolves, gill-men and other paranormal creatures who call the small beach town of Ordinary, Oregon their home. It’s the vacationing gods who keep her up at night.

With the famous Rhubarb Festival right around the corner, small-town tensions, tempers, and godly tantrums are at an all-time high. The last thing Delaney needs is her ex-boyfriend reappearing just when she's finally caught the attention of Ryder Bailey, the one man she should never love.

No, scratch that. The actual last thing she needs is a dead body washing ashore, especially since the dead body is a god.

Catching a murderer, wrestling a god power, and re-scheduling the apocalypse? Just another day on the job in Ordinary. Falling in love with her childhood friend while trying to keep the secrets of her town secret? That’s gonna take some work.

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I need two more box graphics here – New Series and Favorite Author. Since I’m graphics retarded and they aren’t in our graphics set, that’s probably not happening. So I will just say it –  I’m excited to have a new series by one of my favorite authors.

The world building is well done. It has enough to be interesting rather than being boring or confusing.  There are gods which brings my fuzzy knowledge of mythology back to work. There are creatures too – vampires and werewolves, maybe a few more. The creatures aren’t exactly typical in construction.

The main character is Delany Reed, the chief of police, and she is the most developed. Delaney is strong and smart but she doesn’t take very good care of herself. Not exactly TSTL but I worried, especially with Death in the title.

I liked the characters and want to know more about them, especially her sisters, Myra and Jean. There is more to learn about the gods and creatures as well. Only a few mortal townspeople are introduced.  And then there’s Ryder.  He’s one big, old question mark.

There’s romantic possibilities which I always appreciate. There are two guys seeming to vy for Delaney. But really? Argh. Both the guys have some mystery about them.  Jean has a little something happening, too.  I enjoyed Death and Relaxation  and it gave me some feels and questions.

Delaney seems to focus on too many routine things sometimes and not the critical issues. I figured out part of what would happen too quickly but there are plenty of mysteries and questions of mine to be worked out in future books. Luckily, at least two more books are planned and one looks to be available pretty soon.

The Ordinary Magic series

July 2016   Devils and Details

2016            Gods and Ends

About Devon Monk

Devon Monk has one husband, two sons, and a dog named Mojo. She lives in Oregon and is surrounded by numerous family members who mostly live within dinner-calling distance of each other. She writes the Allie Beckstrom urban fantasy series and the Age of Steam steampunk series. Her collection of short stories, A CUP OF NORMAL is a finalist for the Mythopoeic and Endeavour Awards. When not writing, Devon drinks coffee and knits strange things.

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