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Top Ten Reasons Sex Scenes are Better than Action Scenes with Jennifer Bernard

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Top Ten Reasons Sex Scenes are Better than Action Scenes with Jennifer BernardSetting off Sparks by Jennifer Bernard
Published by Self Published on June 13th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Bernard returns to the town readers are falling in love with…

In one fiery moment, Finn Abrams went from cocksure firefighter to scarred survivor. Now all he wants is to put his life together again, get back on a hotshot crew, and figure out exactly what happened to him during the Big Canyon burnover. He never expected to be knocked off his feet by a gorgeous, no-nonsense stranger to Jupiter Point—the one woman who seems completely immune to his famous charm.

Coolly practical, Lisa Peretti knows she won’t be in Jupiter Point for long. As an ER nurse in Houston, she helped a friend escape a dangerous situation. Now she’s hiding out in the little town, determined to keep a low profile. The last thing she needs is attention, especially in the form of the tabloid-starring, actress-dating, too-sexy-for-his-own-good Finn Abrams.

Still, Lisa can’t resist someone who needs her help. As long as she can keep her distance, working with the local hero as he recovers from his burns should be no problem, right?

Wrong. When danger follows Lisa to Jupiter Point, she's startled to find Finn ready, willing, and more than able to come to her rescue. Add to that a meddling movie crew, some kindhearted locals, and her own unruly heart, and Lisa quickly loses any shot at keeping her feelings under cover.

Fire season in Jupiter Point is always smokin' hot...but this time it’s going to be Setting Off Sparks.



I’m Jennifer Bernard and I’m representing Team Romp (WOOOOOT!) in the battle between sex scenes and action scenes. I could offer up a hundred reasons why sex scenes rock, but I’ll stick with the classic Top Ten.


Top Ten Reasons Sex Scenes are Better than Action Scenes


  1. In a fight, someone wins and someone loses. In sex, everyone wins! At least they do if it’s good sex – which of course is what we have in romance.
  2. Fight training can be grueling. Making out in cars as a teenager is really all the training you need for a sex scene.
  3. Buttercream frosting – would you rather hurl it in a food fight (total waste) or lick it off your lover’s body? No contest.
  4. Lower wardrobe budget. Characters in a sex scene don’t need much in terms of clothing, whereas a naked action scene would be totally awkward.
  5. Sex scenes are unlikely to put someone in the hospital — although there’s always a chance, depending on how rough your characters like it.
  6. Speaking of which … sex scenes have more comfortable handcuffs, should your characters enjoy that sort of thing.
  7. You’re never too “mature” for a sex scene, but after a certain age you might want to skip the fight scene and just call a lawyer.
  8. Sex scenes have more creative euphemisms. You’ve never seen a “love tunnel” in a fight scene, have you?
  9. Afterglow. Cuddling beats patching up injuries.
  10. And lastly — sex scenes have the potential to create an entirely new human being in about nine months. Beat that, fight scenes!


As you can tell, I’m a big fan of those delicious scenes where the hero and heroine get physically intimate. They’re more than sensual and seductive. A good sex scene isn’t just about the moves, it’s about revealing the inner selves of the characters. Here’s a scene from my latest Jupiter Point Firefighters book, SETTING OFF SPARKS.




“That’s not even close to what I’m thinking. I’m thinking you’re beautiful and there’s a strong chance I’m hallucinating this entire thing.” As Lisa laughed, he put one knee on the edge of the bed between her thighs. “But you still have too many clothes on. I really need that t-shirt back, if you don’t mind.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is. You take in a helpless fire victim, clothe her, then take it all back. Nice going, hotshot.”

Finn snorted loudly as he lifted the shirt over her head. “Helpless fire victim? Not hardly. I’m the helpless victim in this scenario.”

“Excuse me? How are you a victim?” She spoke from behind the fabric. When her head popped free, static electricity clung to the long strands of her hair, plastering them against her face. She tried to push them away from her eyes, blinking madly. She was so adorable, his heart hurt.

“Because from the first moment I saw you, I couldn’t think of anything else. That’s still true. You keep pushing me away, but it doesn’t make any difference. I’m starting to feel sorry for myself, I really am.”

“Oh stop.” She reached for him with a soft look in her eyes. “Does it look like I’m pushing you away? Come here.”

He braced himself over her while she ran her hands up and down his arms. She didn’t even flinch when she passed the ridge of scar tissue along his right biceps. Something in him relaxed, and he realized he’d been holding on to the fear that his scars made him sexually unappealing. He hadn’t slept with anyone since the burnover.

But Lisa was touching him as if she couldn’t get enough. She pulled off his t-shirt and feasted her eyes on his torso. Her hands ran across his abdomen, dipping between the ridges of muscle, making him go hard as a fricking rock. Then she planted a hand on his chest and pushed him into an upright position. “You can come back down here when your pants are gone.”

He snorted. “You’re kind of a mean nurse, you know that?”

“Nurses always know best,” she tossed back, all saucy. In mock revenge, he lifted her foot to his mouth and nipped her big toe.

“No arguments here.” He nibbled her foot until she squirmed and gasped. Then he released her foot and dropped his hands to the waistband of his jeans. His cock was so engorged with arousal that he actually had trouble with the zipper. He struggled with it, finally managing to get it over the massive bulge underneath. “If I injure myself because I’m so turned on, you’ll take care of me, right?”

She laughed, a flush coming and going in her cheeks.

Finally the zipper slid down and he shucked his jeans and underwear. He stood naked before her in all his scarred, aroused glory.

She scanned his body, the moment stretching until it felt endless. A faint trace of smoke still clung to them both, and it mingled with the perpetual potpourri smell of the guesthouse. He realized that from now on, for the rest of his life, this smell would bring back this exact moment.

The moment when he and Lisa were completely naked together for the very first time.


About Jennifer Bernard

Jennifer Bernard is the USA Today bestselling author of the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel series. A graduate of Harvard and a former news promo producer. The child of academics, she confounded her family by preferring romance novels to any other books. She left big city life for true love in Alaska, where she now lives with her husband and stepdaughters. She’s no stranger to book success, as she also writes erotic novellas under a naughty secret name not to be mentioned at family gatherings.

Besides reading, writing and living romance, another passion is Ashtanga yoga. She practices daily, and has traveled to Thailand, India and Hawaii to learn from the best teachers on the planet. Other than that, she love hiking, meditating, hazelnut chocolate, the children she is graced to have in her life

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