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Wait for Dark by Kay Hooper

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Wait for Dark by Kay HooperWait For Dark by Kay Hooper
Published by Berkley on March 7, 2017
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 304
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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In Clarity, North Carolina, the residents have fallen victim to an unfortunate series of events. Seemingly random accidents have taken the lives of several citizens in the small mountain town. But these deadly coincidences are anything but. Something is on the hunt in Clarity, and the only clue as to what is a cryptic note given to the victims 24 hours before they meet their ends: “Wait for dark.”

Sheriff Mal Gordon knows how to handle his town, but he has no idea how to handle this. Hollis Templeton and her team from the Special Crimes Unit, including her partner and lover, telepath Reese DeMarco, are called in to investigate.

But while the SCU has prepared them for the unknown, the incredible evil stalking Clarity shakes the team to their core when one of their own is targeted. Now Hollis, the “cat with nine lives” finds herself facing death again.

And this time, not even her partner can protect her..





This long running Bishop Special Crimes Unit series has what is actually my favorite paranormal types.  I often say it is witches (magic) as that is more typical. But what I really LOVE best is the talents of the mind – telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and the like. The stories of an FBI unit with these special abilities has truly been one of my favorites. The story arcs are written in trilogies mostly.

Early in the series, I would have classified them as romantic suspense. More recently, while there may be relationships or romances between characters, it is barely mentioned. The focus now is the mystery and suspense. Each story is a case with a team. So instead of the feels of a romance, it is the suspense of the killings and the caring about well-known characters. I would read these in order.

Hollis has been involved in many books, almost more than Bishop. Now she is linked romantically with Reese. She leads the team for this case. Along with Reese, she has two new agents, Cullen and Kirby.

As often happens, the criminal is a serial killer and one who has used some sorts of talents like their own. Local law enforcement may or may not believe in the team’s skills. Usually, it is not discussed and the team uses their abilities quietly but effectively.

I liked this one better than the last few. I think for awhile I was expecting more romance like the previous books and now I just enjoy the case. I do wish for more Bishop and Miranda, or seeing them either recruiting or working some cases. I miss them. I’d like to see more of the whole group, even as a mention or small side plots.


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