Author: Kimberly Spencer

MINI – REVIEW: Limerick by Kimberly Spencer

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

MINI – REVIEW: Limerick by Kimberly SpencerLimerick by Kimberly Spencer
Series: The Shimmer Trilogy #2
Genres: Young Adult
Format: eARC
Source: Author

Jensen hoped she’d never need Shimmerspell again, but now someone is stalking her, someone who claims to be the Lady of the Lake. To make matters worse, witches and dragons have come out to play. And Jensen must figure out how to harness her power and accept her destiny before she ends up losing everyone she loves.

Limerick is the 2nd novella in The Faerie Tale Girl series by Kimberly Spencer and it picks up about a week after Shimmerspell.
Kimberly Spencer is a tease! Limerick ended with a cliffhanger like Shimmerspell. I feel like she is feeding us a novel one chapter at a time with these novellas. It’s like riding a huge roller coaster, just as you climb to the top of the big hill and you can see the long drop the fun park worker puts on the brakes and says “I’ll be back in five”.
With this installment, we get to see more into Jensen’s new found world of the fae with the addition of witches and dragons. The same secondary characters, Zoe, Liam, and Dermott are present; plus a few new characters.
Jensen is really starting to grow into her powers and learning that everything and everyone for that matter, is not what they appear to be. I can’t wait to see what she faces next.
I recommend this novella to anyone that likes Fae YA books.

Mini – Review: Shimmerspell

Mini – Review: Shimmerspell

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Shimmerspell is a Novella about faeries that is loosely based on the story of Morgan le Fay. Even though it is a Novella it packed full of great characters and plot lines. While reading it, I almost forgot it was not a full length novel. The plot was very interesting and kept me well entertained. Shimmerspell starts out in a high school setting where the heroine, Jensen, doesn’t know that Fae exist let alone that she is part Fae herself. Until something happens to her one day at school and then all the sudden the cute guy that she had noticed only a few days ago is not quite the same. Like the fact that he now has wings. Ms. Spencer does and excellent job of […]