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Review: The Righteous Men by Sam Bourne

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Review: The Righteous Men by Sam BourneThe Righteous Men by Sam Bourne
Published by HarperCollins on August 22, 2006
Genres: Mystery, Suspense
Pages: 416
Format: eBook
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The righteous shall never be removed: but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth. . . .

A teenage computer prodigy is mortally strangled in Mumbai. A far-right extremist is killed in a remote cabin in the Pacific Northwest. A wealthy businessman is murdered in Thailand. A pimp in Brooklyn is found stabbed to death and mysteriously covered by a brown shroud. What connects the victims is an ancient prophecy that leads to the end of the world, and it's up to Will Monroe, a fledgling reporter at the New York Times, to stop it.

But Monroe's investigation quickly makes him some shadowy enemies, who kidnap his wife and hold her hostage in Crown Heights. Desperate to find the link between the killings and to save his wife, he enlists his college sweetheart, TC, an eccentric artist and Kabbalah expert. As the death toll rises, they follow a trail of clues that seems to lead inexorably to a set of ancient texts containing a prophecy that promises to save the world—or to destroy it.

What will happen when the one secret that has kept the world safe for thousands of years is revealed to all? In The Righteous Men, a blistering thriller filled with mystery, romance, and suspense, Sam Bourne takes readers deep into the hidden worlds of fundamentalist religion, mysticism, and biblical prophecies. This is a visionary tale that is as frightening as it is entertaining. Readers won't stop turning the pages until the very end.


Will Monroe, a NY Times Metro reporter trying to prove himself, writes two seemingly unrelated stories that get prominent attention on the newspaper’s front page and suddenly finds his world turned upside down.


The first part of the story moved painfully slow, not because of the pace but due to the overwhelming amount of information that couldn’t be connected to anything. I struggled to keep focused so it took me longer to finish. Without revealing details you should discover for yourself, Will’s main reason for continuing to investigate is what kept me in the story because I had to know.


I’m glad I stuck with it because when that crucial moment came where things started to make more sense, I finished the book in a day. In addition to a really complex mystery was the fascinating world of the Hasidic community, including the customs, practices and history of the Jewish faith. The ending had some jaw-dropping twists, one I suspected, others not so much. My initial issues were worth it in the end.



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