Author: Sandra Donovan

Amanda’s Take on Mail-Order Bride by Sandra Donovan

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Amanda’s Take on Mail-Order Bride by Sandra DonovanMail-Order Bride by Sandra Donovan
Published by Zebra on January 1st 2000
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 320 pages
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Desperate to escape an arranged marriage, Charleston belle Camille Sinclair answers an ad for a mail-order bride which will lead her all the way to San Francisco. Taking a husband sight-unseen is better than marrying the old lech her aunt had suggested -- and may give her the freedom she needs to find her long-lost brother. But when Camille arrives, she discovers handsome logger Seth Braden has absolutely no desire to marry...until she charms him with her sweet nature -- and even sweeter kisses.(less)

This book has been sitting on my shelf for years…probably since high school…WOW!

Anyway, I really wanted to like this book, especially since it has been in my To Read pile for so long. I struggled through this book and I don’t usually have the problem.

The book started off well then fell off.

Camille Sinclare is a desperate woman, she wants nothing more than to escape an arranged marriage to an old lech. To get away, she answers an ad from the paper and moves from Charleston out to San Fransisco to marry a stranger and to search for her brother. Seth Braden was not interested in getting married and was a bit peeved when his friend, Cooper, sent for a mail-order bride for him. So, Camille and Seth did not hit it off right away, but they could not deny their attraction for each other.

I did enjoyed Camille’s character. She was not the typical historical heroine, but there were times when she (and some of the other characters) did not seem to fit the time period. As for the relationship, I felt that it was slow and lacking substance. I also thought the plot was slow and dragged. However, I did like her writing style – her voice. So, I may look into another book from this author.