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Honoring Our Veterans! The Unsung Hero by Suzanne Brockmann

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Honoring Our Veterans! The Unsung Hero by Suzanne BrockmannThe Unsung Hero by Suzanne Brockmann
Published by Ballantine on June 3, 2003
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 416
Format: eBook
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After a near-fatal head injury, navy SEAL lieutenant Tom Paoletti catches a terrifying glimpse of an international terrorist in his New England hometown. When he calls for help, the navy dismisses the danger as injury-induced imaginings. In a desperate, last-ditch effort to prevent disaster, Tom creates his own makeshift counterterrorist team, assembling his most loyal officers, two elderly war veterans, a couple of misfit teenagers, and Dr. Kelly Ashton-the sweet "girl next door" who has grown into a remarkable woman. The town's infamous bad boy, Tom has always longed for Kelly. Now he has one final chance for happiness, one last chance to win her heart, and one desperate chance to save the day . . .

In recognition of Veterans Day, this week we are honoring the men and women of service..military, firefighters, policemen…by presenting stories that represent them well.


Quick summary
During a mission, Navy SEAL Tom Paoletti suffers a head injury that sidelines him. While recuperating at his New England hometown, he catches a glimpse of a notorious terrorist but no one believes him. See, Tom was the leader of SEAL Team 16 and no matter the injury, his instincts are stellar. He puts together a bare-bones team to help him figure out what’s going on. In the meantime, he’s also reconnecting with Kelly Ashton, his teenage crush and the woman who got away.

Why this book is special
Tom is the consummate hero. If you were to outline the qualities you’d like to see in one, you’d find them in this character. His subordinates respect and admire him and it was no wonder that Kelly fell for him all over again.

This book is also the first in one of my all-time favorite series. It’s not as exciting and suspenseful as those that follow but it’s important in that Tom creates the Troubleshooters group, setting the stage for all that comes next. It’s romantic, funny, suspenseful and downright frightening at times.

The bottom line
I couldn’t think of a more fitting book to showcase on Veteran’s Day. Tom Paoletti exemplifies all that is honorable about our armed forces. It’s a wonderful story to begin an incredible series written by one of my most favorite authors. And, it was because of this series that I discovered the book social sites (Shelfari and subsequently Goodreads).

About Suzanne Brockmann

Suzanne Brockmann is the New York Times bestselling author of fifty-three novels. Her favorite is the one where her most popular character, gay FBI agent Jules Cassidy, wins his happily-ever-after and marries the man of his dreams. Called All Through the Night, this was the first mainstream romance novel with a hero and a hero ever to hit the New York Times hardcover fiction bestseller list. In 2007, Suz donated all of her earnings from this book, in perpetuity, to MassEquality, to help win and preserve equal marriage rights in Massachusetts.

Since her explosion onto the publishing scene twenty years ago, Suz is now widely recognized as one of the leading voices in romantic suspense. Her work has earned her repeated appearances on the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists, as well as numerous awards, including Romance Writers of America’s #1 Favorite Book of the Year (three years running), two RITA Awards, and many Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Awards.

Married to author and screenwriter Ed Gaffney, Suz divides her time between Sarasota, Florida and Boston, Massachusetts. She has two grown children, Melanie, who is a personal trainer and a writer, and Jason, who is an actor and tap dancer. Suz also has two miniature schnauzers, C.K. Dexter-Haven and Little Joe, both of whom (unlike Mel and Jason) still live at home.

Suz has recently co-written a Young Adult paranormal romance called NIGHT SKY with her daughter, Melanie. It’ll be released in late 2014, from Sourcebooks.

Suz also recently produced her first independent feature-length movie, a romantic comedy called THE PERFECT WEDDING, that she co-wrote with her husband Ed and her son Jason. The film is available now via streaming and on DVD from Wolfe Releasing. Find out more at

Suz is a proud member of PFLAG — Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. She is also a card-carrying member of the American Civil Liberties Union, the Human Rights Campaign, and MassEquality. A firm believer in civil rights for all people, she fought hard to bring equal marriage rights to all citizens of her home state, Massachusetts, and is currently working to do the same in Florida.

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