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Five Reasons to Read The Drafter by Kim Harrison

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Five Reasons to Read The Drafter by Kim HarrisonThe Drafter by Kim Harrison
Series: The Peri Reed Chronicles
Published by Gallery Books on September 1, 2015
Genres: Science Fiction, Time Travel
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
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Detroit 2030. Double-crossed by the person she loved and betrayed by the covert government organization that trained her to use her body as a weapon, Peri Reed is a renegade on the run.

Don’t forgive and never forget has always been Peri’s creed. But her day job makes it difficult: she is a drafter, possessed of a rare, invaluable skill for altering time, yet destined to forget both the history she changed and the history she rewrote.

When Peri discovers her name on a list of corrupt operatives, she realizes that her own life has been manipulated by the agency. She joins forces with a mysterious rogue soldier in a deadly race to piece together the truth about her final task, unable to trust even herself.

I cannot say this enough, read Sideswiped BEFORE you read The Drafter! Sideswiped is not a side story, it introduces the world and characters. I would have been a little lost in the character development and connections if I skipped it.


There’s not a Taris (sorry Dr Who fans) or kilts (sorry Outlander fans) but there are drafters and anchors. What the heck are drafters and anchors? Drafters are people with the ability to shift time. They can change a timeline by rewinding time by a few seconds or minutes. But the longer they draft the more of their memory is lost. Anchors work with drafters. They repair a drafter’s memory after they shift time, filling in their memories. Drafter must trust their anchors in order for their relationship (working or otherwise) to work.

Peri is a strong female character, that’s likable and relatable and I rooted for the whole time. She likes the finer things in life, like fashionable clothes, expensive cars but she’s no stranger to weapons. She favors a knife over a gun and she’s kick-ass with just her hands and feet. She’s head strong and likes to call the shots. She HATES being lied to and she only kills someone if they kill her first. And she does all of this with her 5’4″ stature.

Silas is seen as a lab rat since he’s a doctor. But he’s hulking frame is intimidating to a lot of people. While Silas is not a field agent like Peri, he can hold his own. He is a mystery to Pier and to this reader. He’s hiding things but he can be trusted. I believe he’s the real deal, the good guy. And the possible love interest for Peri before the series is over.

The Drafter is set in Detroit 2030 but that’s only 15 years from now. Sure there’s advanced technology but nothing too out there that I couldn’t picture us having in 5, 10 or 15 years. Much of it is model after things we already have but the next, next generation of that.

There’s not a lot of sci-fi terminology so don’t let that put you off if you’re not into SCI-FI. I really felt like I was reading an UF book with futuristic elements.

I’m pretty good at guessing early in a book what will happen and I’m 9 out of 10 times correct. But The Drafter keep me guessing. Just when I thought I had it figured out something would change or new information was shared that sent me back to the “drawing board”. After a while I stopped trying to figure it out and just enjoyed the ride. What a ride The Drafter was.

Need I say more?! No, it’s not The Hollows. Is it written as well? YES.




Five Reasons to Read The Drafter by Kim HarrisonSideswiped by Kim Harrison
Series: The Peri Reed Chronicles #0.5
Narrator: January LaVoy
Published by Simon & Schuster Audio on August 10, 2015
Genres: Science Fiction, Time Travel
Format: Audiobook
Length: 2 hrs and 44 mins
Source: Purchased
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Every hero, even the accidental ones, have a beginning.

Silas’s radical theory that drafters are not replaying time as much as they are temporarily sliding into an alternate universe has never been well-received, but frankly, the darling of Opti’s research has enough clout not to care, until a professor with a grudge tries to put a permanent end to it. Love can’t alter time, and sometimes, even being able to rub out a single mistake isn’t enough…

I bought the Kindle version of Sideswiped but after listening to the sample of the audio I used some of a $20 coupon to buy the audio. I had to see if January LaVoy’s narration for the whole story was as good as the sample. Plus I had cleaning to do around the house and fitting in the 2 hour audio was easier than sitting down to read the 80 page ebook.

Sideswiped was a nice introduction to Kim Harrison’s new The Peri Reed Chronicles series. It helps set the stage to the world building and terminology. All though Sideswiped is told through Silas’ POV we do meet Peri the main character of the series.

I really enjoyed LaVoy’s narration. Her voice and performance reminded me of Elisabeth Rodgers, the narrator for Richelle Mead’s Georgina Kincaid series. I only wish I had The Drafter on audio for review but at last I’ll be reading it.


Take a listen to January LaVoy narration for both stories.




January is an award-winning voice artist and narrator. Since 2007, she has voiced dozens of commercials and audiobooks, including titles by James Patterson, Jeffery Deaver, Marcia Clark, Libba Bray, and Lisa Scottoline.




About Kim Harrison

Kim Harrison, author of the New York Times #1 best selling Hollows series, was born in Detroit and lived most her her life within an easy drive. After gaining her bachelors in the sciences, she moved to South Carolina, where she remained until recently returning to Michigan because she missed the snow. She’s currently working on the Peri Reed Chronicles, and when not at her desk, Kim is most likely to be found landscaping her new/old Victorian home, in the garden, or out on the links.

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