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Thrifty Thursday: A Touch of Midnight by Lara Adrian

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Thrifty Thursday: A Touch of Midnight by Lara AdrianA Touch of Midnight by Lara Adrian
Series: Midnight Breed #0.5
Published by Self Published on July 14, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 166
Format: eBook
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Savannah Dupree is a freshman studying at Boston University on a full scholarship. But academic excellence is only one of her gifts. Savannah possesses something even more remarkable than her quick mind and insatiable curiosity for learning. With a simple touch, she can see an object’s past—a skill that puts her life in danger, when her studies bring her into contact with a centuries-old English sword and the terrible secret hidden within the blade’s history.

In all his three hundred years of living as one of the Breed, vampire warrior Gideon never dreamed he’d see the blade again that spilled his young brothers’ lives ages ago in London. Ever since the boys’ deaths, Gideon’s been on a personal quest to rid the world of Rogue vampires, but now he can’t help wondering if the brutal slaying was something more sinister—an act perpetrated by an unknown enemy. An enemy who is apparently living in hiding somewhere in Boston. There’s one certain way to prove Gideon’s suspicion, but it will mean using innocent, gifted Savannah to help uncover the full truth—a truth that will shatter everything she knows about herself and the world around her. And with danger closing in from all sides, the passion that ignites between Gideon and Savannah will tempt them to risk their hearts and lives for a love that might just last an eternity



 The purpose of Thrifty Thursday is to read a book which was free (at some point).

Kindle freebie on December 20, 2013  (currently FREE as of writing this post)

Overall rating 4.10 with 7,258 ratings and 397 reviews


I’m a fan of the Midnight Breed Series. I listened to books 1-10 on audio last year since the author would be at NOLA Storycon. I meant to just listen to one and then move on to another author but I got sucked into the overall story arc and just kept going. This novella was a freebie I got four years ago and it’s odd I didn’t read it first to be in order. It did, however, come out after the first 10 books which I listened to on audio.

I liked it but if I had read it back then I’m afraid I wouldn’t have gone on in the series, so I’m glad I didn’t. Because I like this series! One reason is that I read instead of listening. I also enjoy Hilary Huber’s narrations so I maybe should have listened to this one also.

Secondly, it is about 2/3 the length of the other books so the romance and the mystery feel rushed. It was more insta-lust and insta-love than usual. There is also less about their gifts and overall development of their relationship. There is a general lack of world-building; we don’t learn much about the rest of the Order, the Dark Havens or the Breed.

I was happy to have a peek at how Savannah and Gabriel met. I have enjoyed them along with the rest of the Order team throughout the series. I would recommend if you are reading, to read A Touch of Midnight after the first couple of books in the series. If you are listening, I might start with this one. One might be able to get it at the library or inexpensively add Whispersync to the Kindle freebie.

About Lara Adrian

LARA ADRIAN is the New York Times and #1 internationally best-selling author of the Midnight Breed vampire romance series, with nearly 4 million books in print and digital worldwide and translations licensed to more than 20 countries. Her books regularly appear in the top spots of all the major bestseller lists including the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Indiebound,, Barnes & Noble, etc.

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