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Fandemic by Jennifer Estep

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Fandemic by Jennifer EstepFandemic by Jennifer Estep
Series: Bigtime #5
Published by Self Published on June 2nd 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 129 pages
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Piper Perez has always wanted to be a superhero. Always wanted to wear a cool costume, have amazing abilities, and save the day. There’s just one problem—Piper doesn’t have any superpowers.

So she focuses on other things. Facts, figures, memorabilia. Piper knows and collects it all, about both the superheroes and the ubervillains who roam the streets of Bigtime, N.Y. Piper’s friends jokingly call her a fandemic—someone who is a superfan of all things superhero. The nickname is truer than anyone knows, especially since Piper can’t stop thinking about Swifte, the speedy hero who broke her heart months ago.

But someone has been killing off Bigtime’s heroes and villains. When one of Piper’s friends is murdered, she vows to do whatever she can to help bring the killer to justice, superpowers or not. All the clues and information she gathers lead her to believe that Swifte is the killer’s next target. Piper has always wanted to be a hero, and now she’ll have to use all of her fandemic knowledge to save the man she loves—or die trying….

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Piper is a big fangirl when it comes to superheroes, her friends call her Fandemic because of her obsession with them. She collects all their merchandise and knows all their powers, fight stats and even most of their real identities. But when she let’s it be known to her boyfriend that she knows his secret superhero identity that’s when the relationship hits a road block.

The struggle between Piper and Kyle is a real one and it’s heartbreaking to see these two be apart when it’s clear they love each other. But Kyle has trust issues when it comes to his superhero identity. He thinks that Piper only wants to be with him because he wears a mask and spandex.

Fandemic is a great addition to Jennifer Estep’s Bigtime series, showing us that not only do the superheroes get their HEA but the everyday gal on the street does too. Piper started out doing whatever she could get her own super powers like taking an annually trip to the Bigtime Nuclear Power Plant in hopes that a core reactor would melt down and give her powers through a radiation leak. But by the end of Fandemic, Piper was happy just being her, no powers included.

If you’re a superhero fan and looking for a fun and quirky series you should give Bigtime series by Jennifer Estep a go. Each book could be read as a stand alone but they are more enjoyable read as a series in order. Start with book 1, Karma Girl.


Love an author that can poke fun at themselves quote:
“I’m talking to you, hot mama,” the guy crooned again.
“Really?” I asked. “Hot mama? That’s your line?”
The guy frowned. “What’s wrong with hot mama?”
I shrugged, “For starters, it sounds like some cheesy book title.”

About Jennifer Estep

Jennifer Estep is a New York Times bestselling author, prowling the streets of her imagination in search of her next fantasy idea. Jennifer writes the Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series for Pocket Books and the Black Blade young adult urban fantasy series for Kensington. Dark Heart of Magic, the second book in the series, will be released on Oct. 27.

She is also the author of the Bigtime paranormal romance series and Mythos Academy young adult urban fantasy series for Kensington. For more information on her books, visit Jennifer’s website at

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