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Review: Bound by the Night by Cynthia Eden

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Bound by the Night by Cynthia Eden
Series: Bound #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal Romance

For the last fifteen years, vampire queen Iona has been dead to the world. Trapped under the power of a brutal curse, she has been helpless. A prisoner, locked within her own still body. Then alpha werewolf Jamie O’Connell fights his way to her side. After defeating the guards that surround her, Jamie gives Iona his blood…and she rises.

The world has changed a great deal in the last fifteen years, and Iona has changed, too. Once known as the Blood Queen because of her dark reputation, she now finds herself longing for the blood of only one man…only he isn’t just a man. She wants the blood of her werewolf—Jamie’s blood. But Iona doesn’t realize that Jamie has been keeping secrets from her. Very dark, dangerous secrets. And Iona may have traded one curse for another.

Now that he has Iona, Jamie vows to never let her go. He needs his Blood Queen in order to defeat his enemy, he needs her to make his own beast stronger, and…he just needs her. Jamie has risked his life to claim Iona, and he won’t let anything break their bond. Not time. Not spells. Not even a wild and reckless vampire queen…


I must say, I really enjoy reading books that that feature a kick a** heroine who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and get her hands bloody. Iona the Blood Queen had been imprisoned, trapped in a strange limbo between sleep and life. She can hear and smell all that is around her, but can’t see over move. And she wants nothing more than to kill the werewolf alpha who placed spell upon her.

Jamie had heard rumors of the Blood Queen and knows that she is the only who can help him save his dwindling clan. Its a bonus that they share the same enemy – though Iona and Jamie are inherent enemies, he is a werewolf and she is a vampire.

This is yet another fantastic read and a great installment within the Bound series. Cynthia Eden shares some new ideas and takes on vampires, werewolves, and the paranormal romance genre in general. I love original ideas, they make the book stand out from the rest of the flooded genre. I’ve already got the next waiting for me on my Nook.If you love paranormal romance, are looking for past paced reads with a nice helping of sexiness that feature strong heroines and unyielding alpha males, I would highly recommend this series.

Review: Bound in Sin by Cynthia Eden

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    Bound in Sin is another great novella in the Bound series. Paige Sloan had loved werewolf Drake Wyler and, after she had been changed into a vampire, she knew she would never be able to back to her lover. But when she hears Drake’s life is in danger, she knows she has to return to Alaska to help him. Drake Wyler never knew why Paige had left him and he certainly never expected she would show up on his door step years later as a vampire. He demands answers, why she had disappeared and why she has returned. But despite the fact she is now his enemy, he desires her more than ever. The characters are wonderful together. Paige is strong and willing […]

Review: Bound in Darkness by Cynthia Eden

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  Cade, a werewolf and an assassin, is hired by a witch to kill a pureblood vampire. In this series werewolves and vampires are natural enemies, but Cade really hates vampires – with good reason. So, eliminating one more bloodsucker is just another day’s work. Until he meets his mark. Allison is on the run and searching for the one man she was told could help her. After finding Cade in a seedy bar, she is shocked to learn that her savior was to be her executioner and that she is the same as the creatures that are hunting her – yep, she is a pureblood vampire and doesn’t know it. This was a super fast read, the romance was sweet and hot while the […]

Review: Bound by Blood by Cynthia Eden

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  Bound by Blood is the first within the Bound series and I loved it! This book snared my interest from the start and I finished it one sitting – not many books can draw me in like that. The story opens in a gritty werewolf bar. Morgan, vampire princess, is looking for the man that she has been sent to marry. Jace, who is a sexy, alpha werewolf, has been watching Morgan from afar for 10 years. (Originally, he had been sent to kill her, but fell in love with her instead) Now, he plans to make her his mate and to use her blood to become strong enough to close the door to Hell. Yep, mean, nasty demons are escaping from Hell and […]