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When the Serpent Strikes by Vanessa Prelatte

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When the Serpent Strikes by Vanessa PrelatteWhen the Serpent Strikes by Vanessa Prelatte
Series: Cimarron/Melbourne Thriller #2
Published by H & S Underveq on June 18, 2016
Genres: Mystery, Suspense
Pages: 287
Format: eARC
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When a gunman walks in and shoots up a local library, Cimarron and Melbourne are called in to investigate the crime and track down the killer. As if that weren't enough, in the middle of their investigation a cold case that has been dormant for a long time suddenly turns hot again when new evidence is found that might help the two detectives solve the mystery of what happened to a woman who disappeared eight years before.



The unimaginable happens when a mysterious man enters the town library and suddenly opens fire on the people inside. Jolene Skornac, the 13-year old daughter of Ty Lewellyn’s right-hand man, is caught in the attack. Detectives Dawn Cimarron and Rafe Melbourne investigate the shooting, which seems inexplicable and random. Meanwhile, one of their cold cases warms up at the same time, challenging them to handle both extremely perplexing crimes.

I really enjoyed this story, especially because it featured two cases in play at the same time. That felt realistic as most detectives probably juggle more than one case at a time. And, the older investigation was just as compelling as the current one.

The procedurals were very well done and even though the killer in one of the cases was pretty easy to pinpoint, figuring out the particulars and how it was pulled off was intriguing. The library shooter was a bit tougher and I just tagged along as Dawn and Rafe followed leads. A highlight was the moment in interview where the perps are taken down. Reminded me of another highly popular series and that’s a really good thing.

I’m really enjoying this gem of a series. Prelatte is an excellent storyteller and I like how she weaves Dawn and Rafe’s personal relationships into the story so seamlessly without overwhelming the investigations. Looking forward to what’s next for this duo.

About Vanessa Prelatte

Vanessa worked in a variety of fields before settling into her current career as a writer of fiction. She has a BA in English, which has proved to be an invaluable asset to her as she makes her way through the stages of the writing process.

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