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Review: Requiem for the Dead by Kelly Meding

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Requiem for the Dead by Kelly MedingRequiem for the Dead by Kelly Meding
Published by Smedge Press on September 14th 2013
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: eARC
Source: Author


She's died twice while protecting her city…and she'd do it again to save the people she loves.

After a deadly, artificial infection forces the vampire Families into a self-imposed isolation, the city's protective Watchtower forces are depleted by one third, leaving humans and shifters to shoulder the burden. Human enforcer Evangeline Stone is determined to find a way to help her vampire allies, but she already has her hands full—investigating an escalating series of goblin attacks, dealing with her half-werewolf lover, locating three missing werewolf teenagers, and learning to trust her non-human coworkers.

When a potential cure for the vampires' infection is given to her by an unlikely source, it's just as quickly stolen—collateral damage in a power play within the were-cat Clan that leaves one human ally dead and another horribly injured. With Wyatt Truman still adjusting to his new life as a half-werewolf, Phineas missing in action, and her shifter allies crippled by internal anarchy, Evy has to rely on her own strength and instincts to steal back the cure, stop a murderer, and to save the Watchtower before it's destroyed from the inside out.

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Requiem for the Dead is the fifth book in Kelly Meding’s Dreg City series and it’s a turning point in the series as that Kelly Meding brought us more Evy through self-publishing. And believe me there is no difference in the quality.  Whether it’s self-published or not you’re going to get a high quality piece of work when it comes to Kelly Meding’s novels. It just goes to show that what’s important and what keeps the readers coming back, is an awesome author that can write a kick ass story.

Requiem for the Dead takes place about a month after Wrong Side of Dead and many things have changed in Evy Stone’s life. One thing that I’m happy to see with the change is that her relationship with Wyatt could not be stronger. They are finally in a place that I truly believe they will have a HEA and can take on anything that comes their way.

Wyatt is rolling with the punches when it comes to his transformation into his new life as a Half-Werewolf and Evy has a huge role in helping him keep his wolf in control. Now that Wyatt is part Lupa he is taking on the responsibility of keeping three teen Lupa pups safe from the Assembly. Wyatt is not only a protector to the teens but he is becoming a father to them and it’s great to see that side of him. And with Evy being Wyatt’s “mate”, I’m sure she will only become a large part in the boys’ lives as well.

As usual, Evy has to juggle so much crap in her life. She’s dealing with goblins that are killing humans in the city to send her a personal message from their new Queen. A group of vampire friends are very sick and need a cure, and a political battle between the Therians. Everyone that Evy loves is in danger from something and it’s up to Evy to save them all. Just another day in the life of Evy Stone.

But Evy has a personal conflict with someone from Chalice’s past. Yeah I wondered when/if that crap storm was going to hit.

Kelly Meding answered some questions from previous story ARCS in the Dreg City series and open up new ones and I can’t wait to see where she take Evy, Wyatt and the rest of the gang.





About Kelly Meding

Kelly Meding, urbanfantasy author and dabbler in tales of the paranormal.

Books 1-4 in the Dreg City Series, THREE DAYS TO DEAD, AS LIE THE DEAD, and ANOTHER KIND OF DEAD, WRONG SIDE OF DEAD, are now available from Bantam Books in digital and mass-market paperback formats. Book 5, REQUIEM FOR THE DEAD, will release September 16 in digital format only.

Book 1 and 2 in the Metawars superhero series,TRANCE and CHANGELING, are available from Pocket books in digital and mass-market paperback formats. Book 3, TEMPEST, is available digitally only, with book 4, CHIMERA, releasing digitally November 11. 2013.

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