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Generation V by M.L. Brennan

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Generation V  by M.L. BrennanGeneration V by M.L. Brennan
Series: Generation V #1
Published by Roc on May 7th 2013
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 312 pages
Format: eBook
Source: Library
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Fortitude Scott’s life is a mess. A degree in film theory has left him with zero marketable skills, his job revolves around pouring coffee, his roommate hasn’t paid rent in four months, and he’s also a vampire. Well, sort of. He’s still mostly human.

But when a new vampire comes into his family’s territory and young girls start going missing, Fort can’t ignore his heritage anymore. His mother and his older, stronger siblings think he’s crazy for wanting to get involved. So it’s up to Fort to take action, with the assistance of Suzume Hollis, a dangerous and sexy shape-shifter. Fort is determined to find a way to outsmart the deadly vamp, even if he isn’t quite sure how.

But without having matured into full vampirehood and with Suzume ready to split if things get too risky, Fort’s rescue mission might just kill him.…

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Generation V is not your usual vampire novel and Fortitude (aka Fort) is not your everyday urban fantasy hero. He’s not an alpha, kick ass guy who shoots and ask questions later. Fort is a pushover. He lets his roommate get away without paying his half of the rent for months and stays with his “girlfriend” that likes having an open relationship. But as Generation V plays out Fort grows into his own by the end.

Oh and let’s not forget that he’s a baby vampire. See he’s pretty much human until he completes his transition into an adult vampire. Yeah M.L. Brennan’s vampires are a little different. When a Mommy and Daddy vampire love each other they can’t make babies by doing the horizontal dance of love, in fact adult vampires don’t live together. They make hosts. What the hell are hosts? A vampire male or female find a human and turn them into their pets/hosts by feeding them their vampire blood over and over until all their blood is replaced with the vampire’s blood making them something other than human. Then they breed a female and male pets and they have the vampire baby. This process is not always successful so many vampires only have one-off spring but in Fort’s mother’s case she has three. Fortitude, Chivalry (brother) and Prudence (sister) (I just those names). And vampire’s are not warm, nurturing families at least not by human standards. Fort does his best to avoid his vampire family as much as possible.

About the first 30% of Generation V was a little slow but once Suzume shows up it gets interesting and funny. Suzume is a kitsune, a fox that can turn into a woman. Not to be confused with a shapeshifter or were. The kitsune’s natural form is a fox. They are tricksters and very cunning and if Suzume is the example, they are snarky and funny as hell.

“I’m not sure he could’ve handled a nip slip,” she said blandly.

This quote would be funnier if you had read the book but it follows Suzume explaining how Elves have breeding issues and had over in-breed in the past…

. . . “Visit an elf outpost and you practically hear the banjos in the background.”

Suzume is a great secondary character and her comic relief is really needed in this otherwise dark novel. Not only are the vampires’ reproduce different from any other vampire novels I’ve read but they are not generally “good” people. They hold themselves above humans and turn a blind eye to violence against humans and that include children. So be warned there is violence against children in Generation V but it’s not in detail. In fact the main plot is about Fort trying to hunt down a missing girl after her family (sister included) were murdered by a visiting European vampire. This visiting vampire is a pedophile and Fort is racing against the clock to save the little girl from a horrible future under his captivity.

Generation V is a good start to the series and after finishing it I went to my library’s site and checked out book 2, Iron Night. I can’t wait to see how Fort will handle is up coming transition into vampire adulthood.



About M.L. Brennan

M.L. Brennan is the author of the critically acclaimed Generation V series – GENERATION V, IRON NIGHT, and TAINTED BLOOD. The fourth book in the series, DARK ASCENSION, is forthcoming in August 2015. Brennan holds an MFA in writing and is employed as an adjunct professor at several New England colleges.

Brennan cut her baby bibliophile teeth on her older brother’s collection of Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert, but it was a chance encounter with Emma Bull’s War For The Oaks as a teenager that led to genre true love. Today she’ll read everything from Mary Roach’s non-fiction to Brandon Sanderson’s epic fantasies, but will still drop everything for vampires and werewolves in the big city.