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Review: Her Warrior Angel by Felicity E. Heaton

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Review: Her Warrior Angel by Felicity E. HeatonHer Warrior Angel by Felicity E. Heaton
Series: Her Angel #3
Published by Felicity Heaton on November 20th 2010
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 104 pages
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased

Einar is one of Heaven’s best hunters and he’s on a mission to uncover why an angel was working with demons. When he finds the first demon fighting a beautiful woman named Taylor, he intervenes and saves her life. Taylor has spent her whole life protecting London from the lowest demons and she’s not about to let an angel waltz into her city and take over her job, and she’s certainly not about to fall in love with him, even if he is gorgeous. The reason why she can’t is simple—she’s half demon.

There is no love in this world more forbidden than that between an angel and a demon.

Sense tells Taylor to get out before she gets her heart broken, but she winds up convincing Einar to partner with her instead. Einar is certain that working with Taylor is a bad idea, and not only because he can’t focus when he’s around her, but he can’t let her go. The mission leads them deep into the city’s underworld, where old flames burn Taylor while new flames of passion and fear of the consequences consume them, and the threat of Einar’s demons hangs over them both.

Can a love so forbidden ever have a happy ending or are they destined to break each other’s hearts?

sexy1 Well-Written

Her Warrior Angel is the 3rd novella in Felicity Heaton’s Her Angel series and like the other two you get a full novel experience within 100 pages and it had an urban fantasy feel to it.

Einar is not just an angel but he’s a hunter. While trying to track down some demons he finds himself watching a beautiful woman fighting the demons he is looking for.

Taylor is half human and half demon and now she has a white knight that happens to be an angel. She knows that her feelings for him is wrong. Demons and angel don’t mix. But after Einar saves Taylor, she finds herself falling for the warrior angel.

While Her Warrior Angel has action with demon hunting there is also a healthy dose of smexy. Heaton not only knows how to make vampires sexy but she’s got a stable full of sexy angels. I’d love to go flying with one of them. But I guess I’ll settle with reading the next novella in the series, Her Guardian Angel.






Review: Her Fallen Angel by Felicity Heaton

Review: Her Fallen Angel by Felicity Heaton

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In the second novella of the Her Angel series we get to experience a couple that have known each other for 3 years. I love it when a couple has known each other for long than 2 days and they fall in love. Annelie is the owner of a local pub and enjoys the nights that Lukas comes to the pub. They have talk and have fun on those nights. Annelie has slowing fallen in love with the mysterious and sweet Lukas. But Lukas goes MIA for three weeks and that’s when the two really learn that they are in love with the other person. After a night of passion love-making Annelie learns Lukas’ secret when she is knocked out of his bed by his […]

Review: Her Dark Angel by Felicity Heaton

Review: Her Dark Angel by Felicity Heaton

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  Her Dark Angel is a quick sexy read. Serenity, is a witch, unknowingly calls to an Angel, Apollyon. She is heartbroken over being cheated on by her ex. Apollyon hears her call for vengeance and comes to earth. Apollyon knows Serenity on site. He has watched her from Hell many times. Serenity has the sexy Angel at her beck and call do to the contract that was made between them when he heard her call. Apollyon helps Serenity get her revenge on her cheating ex and in the process the two fall for each other. I’m a fan of Heaton’s Vampire Erotic Theatre series. She writes hot sex scenes and great characters so I thought I’d give her angels a try. Her Dark Angel was a […]