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Echoes in Death by J. D. Robb

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Echoes in Death by J. D. RobbEchoes in Death by J. D. Robb
Series: In Death #44
Published by St. Martin's Press on February 7, 2017
Genres: Futuristic Romance, Mystery, Suspense
Pages: 400
Format: eBook
Source: Library
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After a party in New York, Lieutenant Eve Dallas rides home with her billionaire husband, Roarke, happy to be done with cocktails and small talk.

After another party, not far away, a woman retires to her bedroom with her husband—and walks into a brutal nightmare.

Their paths are about to collide…

When the young woman—dazed, naked, and bloody—wanders in front of their car, Roarke slams on the brakes just in time, and Eve, still in glittering gown and heels, springs into action. It’s been a long night for the tired homicide cop, and it’s far from over.

Daphne Strazza is rushed to the ER, but it’s too late for Dr. Anthony Strazza. A brilliant orthopedic surgeon, he now lies dead amid the wreckage of his obsessively organized town house, his three safes opened and emptied. Daphne would be a valuable witness, but in her terror and shock the only description of the perp she can offer is repeatedly calling him “the devil” . . .

While it emerges that Dr. Strazza was cold, controlling, and widely disliked—and that he treated Daphne like a trophy wife—this is one case where the evidence doesn’t point to the spouse as the first suspect. So Eve and her team must get started on the legwork, interviewing everyone from dinner-party guests to professional colleagues to caterers, in a desperate race to answer some crucial questions:

What does the devil look like? And where will he show up next?


Eve and Roarke are on their way home from a fancy gala when they almost run into a young woman wandering dazed, naked and bloodied in the street. Sound familiar? It echoes of 8-year old Eve, nameless at the time in Dallas. As Eve begins her investigation, she uncovers a series of like assaults that are vicious and cruel, especially this last one that continues to remind her of what was done to her prior to liberation.

What I really liked about this story is seeing how much Eve is evolving, even in how she responds to crimes that evoke memories of her awful origins. She confronts the issues differently and more responsibly. The case is chilling and gnarly but it was fairly clear to me who the perpetrator might be even if the motive was unclear. As I’m a big fan of the procedural aspects of this series, I enjoyed sifting through and assembling the clues and profiles to arrive at deductions.

This was another solid addition to the series and I enjoyed the story. The continued focus on the dynamics of Eve’s squad is another source of reading pleasure as we begin to know more of her team beyond Baxter, Trueheart and Peabody. I’m really liking how the series is evolving.

About J. D. Robb

With a phenomenal career full of bestsellers, Nora Roberts was ready for a new writing challenge. As her agent put it, like Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and caffeine-free Pepsi, a pseudonym offered her the opportunity to reach a new and different group of readers. The first futuristic suspense J. D. Robb book, Naked in Death, was published in paperback in 1995, and readers were immediately drawn to Eve Dallas, a tough cop with a dark past, and her even more mysterious love interest, Roarke.

The series quickly gained attention, great reviews, and devoted readers. Since the debut of Loyalty in Death (the ninth In Death book) on Halloween 1999 on the New York Times bestseller list, every J. D. Robb title has been a New York Times bestseller. While fans had their suspicions, it wasn’t until the twelfth book in the series, Betrayal in Death (2001), that the publisher fully revealed that J. D. Robb was a pseudonym for bestselling powerhouse Nora Roberts. Unmasked, Nora Roberts fans who hadn’t yet picked up one of the Robb books were quickly playing catch-up.

Robb’s peers in the mystery world are fans as well, with accolades for the In Death series from such blockbuster authors as Stephen King, Jonathan Kellerman, Dennis Lehane, Kathy Reichs, Lisa Scottoline, Janet Evanovich, David Baldacci, Harlan Coben, Robert B. Parker, Ridley Pearson, Linda Fairstein, and Andrew Gross.

The In Death books are perpetual bestsellers, and frequently share the bestseller list with other Nora Roberts novels. J. D. Robb publishes two hardcover In Death books per year, with the occasional stand-alone original In Death story featured in an anthology.

Over forty books and fifteen years later, there is no end in sight for the ever-popular In Death series.

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Outstanding! Apprentice in Death by J. D. Robb

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  It’s close to Christmas and Eve Dallas gets a surprise call from someone she knows who’s walked into a murder scene. She and Peabody have their work cut out for them as the victim was a creep.   I enjoyed this story a lot. It has all the things I love about the series… Peabody A strong procedural Cast of interesting suspects Clever dialogue Eve’s mixed metaphors Roarke time Annual holiday party at Eve and Roarke’s mansion An added bonus was a twist I didn’t foresee for a long time.   There are some laugh out loud moments along with the mystery. It’s a very well balanced story between the personal and the murder case. Nicely done.

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Review: Concealed in Death by J. D. Robb

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The story starts off with a bang when Roarke swings the hammer at the wall of a building at the onset of a major rehab. When the dust clears, the remains of two bodies lay before them. By the time it’s all settled, 12 bodies are unearthed. This story started off interesting and I nestled in for what I thought would be an intriguing case. It didn’t take long for me to deduce the circumstances and who was probably behind the murders and why. Unfortunately, the procedurals from that point forward weren’t that interesting or compelling. I struggled to get through to the end of the case. The highlights of the book, however, came from the personal aspects of the story. Mavis plays an extraordinary […]

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Review: Calculated in Death by J.D. Robb

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Fans of this series will be really happy with this latest installment in the series. It has all the elements that we’ve come to expect and love about Lt. Eve Dallas and those in her futuristic world. There’s the ongoing romance with her mega rich and gorgeous husband, the witty and hilarious rapport with her steady but delightful partner, Peabody, and a case with a slate of suspects that’s awfully fun to watch Dallas unravel. Many of the other characters we enjoy are part of the story in meaningful ways and this one ranks in my top ten in the series. If you have any interest in starting this series, it’s best served up in order. One of the most compelling aspects of the stories […]