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Borrowed Souls by Chelsea Mueller

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Borrowed Souls by Chelsea MuellerBorrowed Souls by Chelsea Mueller
Series: Soul Charmer #1
Published by Skyhorse Publishing on May 2, 2017
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: ARC
Source: Author
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Callie Delgado always puts family first, and unfortunately her brother knows it. She’s emptied her savings, lost work, and spilled countless tears trying to keep him out of trouble, but now he’s in deeper than ever, and his debt is on Callie’s head. She’s given a choice: do some dirty work for the mob, or have her brother returned to her in tiny pieces.

Renting souls is big business for the religious population of Gem City. Those looking to take part in immoral—or even illegal—activity can borrow someone else’s soul, for a price, and sin without consequence.

To save her brother, Callie needs a borrowed soul, but she doesn’t have anywhere near the money to pay for it. The slimy Soul Charmer is willing to barter, but accepting his offer will force Callie into a dangerous world of magic she isn’t ready for.

With the help of the guarded but undeniably attractive Derek—whose allegiance to the Charmer wavers as his connection to Callie grows—she’ll have to walk a tight line, avoid pissing off the bad guys, all while struggling to determine what her loyalty to her family’s really worth.

Losing her brother isn’t an option. Losing her soul? Maybe.

Mueller is an Exciting new voice in Urban Fantasy!

Callie & Derek is a hit in Borrowed Souls! Fans of Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghost series wanting a heroine and hero with a little less drama but still a little damaged will gravitate to this pairing.

Borrowed Souls was just the kick I needed to get my urban fantasy juices following again. I’ve been on a break from the genre but Callie is the kind of leading lady who sucks me into her life and story. She has an inner strength even if she doesn’t always believes she does. She finds herself dealing with people on the wrong side of the law in order to help her older brother, Josh out. Callie is the one that holds her family together because she’s the only one who acts like an adult. Josh is a junkie and her mom is a fruit cake. Poor girl cannot get a break when it comes to her family, but family comes first no matter what.

Callie is paired with Derek who comes off as a thug/muscle at first. As they work together for his boss, The Charmer, she sees a softer said to Derek. He’s more than just the heavy muscle soul repo dude on a bike. Derek takes to Callie because he see the inner strength she has and yeah there’s some chemistry between the two.

Mueller does a great job balancing the key elements I look for in an urban fantasy read: mystery, action, danger, supernatural elements and a touch of romance to round out the rough edges. Borrowed Souls is a fantastic start to what will sure to be an auto buy series for this urban fantasy fan!



About Chelsea Mueller

Chelsea Mueller writes gritty contemporary fantasy. She founded speculative fiction website Vampire Book Club, blogs about TV and romance novels for Heroes & Heartbreakers, and is co-chair of SF/F charity Geeky Giving. She loves bad cover songs, dramatic movies, and TV vampires. She lives in Texas, and has been known to say y’all. Find her on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @ChelseaVBC.

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Debut Author Chelsea Mueller Stops By

Debut Author Chelsea Mueller Stops By

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  Welcome Chelsea Mueller blogger turned debut author of Borrowed Souls!   For those who may not know you what would you like to share with our readers that they can’t read in your bio? I am an unabashed urban fantasy fangirl. I wrote Borrowed Souls because it’s the kind of book I’d want to read. Plenty of people know me from Vampire Book Club, but straight-up, I love a wickedly gritty urban fantasy with a hot dude on the side. #SorryNotSorry If you ever need an urban fantasy book rec, I’m 100 percent your woman.   If you had to tweet (140 characters) a hook to “sell” new readers on Callie and her adventures what would it be? (Invokes movie narrator voice “In a world….”) […]